Here are only a few of my products:

My Novel. No Fourth River. A novel based on a true story. My story.

What most people know about me is that I have built several successful businesses, written business books and I have spent years helping entrepreneurs gain control of their lives and finances.

But my journey, what inspired me is not something I share easily. My past is painful and ugly.

It is however time to share more about me, the ‘me’ behind the businesswoman, my experiences, my ups and my downs, because I believe my struggles will resonate with you. And as others have, you may take strength and inspiration from my story. After many years of being an author and mentor, I took one step further to empower and inspire the world, with the release of “No Fourth River”, a novel based on my life story.

My book “463 Ways to Make Money From Home”.

‘Making money from home’ myth or reality? This is one of the questions I get asked often, how do you do it? Whether you want to do this part-time or full-time, if you want to work from home, just like I do, this is the book for you.

Find out exactly where to start and what to do, from someone who has been doing this for 15 years.

I have included 463 work-from-home ideas, plenty of food for thought!

You can buy this book:

– as a hard copy or Kindle on Amazon

My book “Finding Niches Made Easy. 177 Free Ways to Find New Hot Profitable Niches”

‘The riches is in the niches’ is a common phrase bandied about by internet marketers. That’s all well and good, but HOW do you actually FIND these niches that make money? That’s the bit that the big wigs leave unsaid.

Finding niches, is exactly what I do in internet marketing every day: finding non saturated niches with potential. The book explains all the steps I go through to decide if a niche is profitable or not.

Finding niches is not only a natural talent, but one that can be learned! I have written this book to help those who want to know how to find the right money making niches.

You can this book:

– as a hard copy book on Amazon

My book “From Newbie To Millionaire”

Unsurprisingly, this is my best-selling book, with a huge success rate. This book was published a long time ago, but the core principles are sound. My multiple sources of income are still exactly the same today as when I have written the book.

‘From Newbie To Millionaire’ explains my Internet Marketing Success System in Easy Steps. Absolutely Ideal For Newbies! I wrote the book that I wish I had found when I first started my Internet marketing journey.  I also cover Affiliate Marketing.

You can buy this book:

– as a hard copy on Amazon



My book “Drop Shipping and eCommerce. What You Need And Where To Get It”.

Have you heard of people making money by being the middleman between manufacturers/suppliers and customers? You don’t have to order products wholesale and store it all in the hopes of selling them.

Learn from my experience with drop shipping. I admit, it is not always easy and can be time consuming but nevertheless, if done correctly; it has the potential to make you a lot of money with minimal outlay.

You can buy this book:

– as a hard copy book on Amazon

My book “Design Free Websites”.

FREE Websites. Design FREE Websites With FREE Internet Marketing Tools and Resources.

Would you like to design your own FREE Websites with FREE Internet Marketing Tools and Resources? Use free website templates, free writing tools, free content, free images, free clipart, free backgrounds, free audio and free video.

I know that is a lot of FREE tools and resources, in fact you’ll find out about 300 plus of them in this book.

You can buy this book:

– as a hard copy on Amazon

My Video Tutorials How To Self Publish A Book


Explains from A to Z how I publish my niche books in multiple formats, to create multiple streams of income. This product is not a book but a series of video tutorials, in a watch-over-my-shoulder-copy-what-I-do format.

I am doing something that I believe no internet marketer has ever done: I start with finding a new niche and I show EVERYTHING that I do on video. The end result is my book, that I created in the new niche, is number 1 on hundreds of book selling websites, worldwide distribution.

The title of this products could also be: ” Non Fiction and Info Books Automated Unstoppable Multiple Streams Of Income” because that’s what it is.

I publish all my niche books under a pen name. I have books on micro pigs, African pygmy hedgehogs, peafowls, Repetitive Strain Injury, hoarding, racing pigeons, puffer fish, axolotl, iguana, body building, hypnosis, organic gardening, stand up comedy, cyclists, discuss fish, music, ice fishing, tarantulas, dogs, cats, lizards, dermatitis, etc….

All these books are published in exactly the same way as I explain in my video tutorials.