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Reviews for Christine’s Business products:

1) Reviews of my book “Work From Home Ideas”. You can find these reviews on and Search for “Christine Clayfield” to find my books.

“At first, the front pages of this book did not appeal to me, although I know they will to many people. However, as I read through and came to the second half of the book, I became more and more inspired, with increasingly fascinating opportunities for creating worthwhile incomes. There is something in this book for everyone, from the most elementary seeker of pocket money to those with the biggest entrepreneurial ambitions. No one has been left out of the author’s thoughts, so this book would be useful for virtually every family home. Other books written by Christine Clayfield will give step by step instructions on how to implement many of the suggestions she provides here, but, as a fantastic block of motivational ideas to get back into earning, you will do yourself a favour by starting here. This book is the bridge back to income, if you wish a small or a big one. It will also help you to help other people, in these austere times, so it is a book which I suspect will be much thumbed through at libraries and community centres, but you should get your own, simply because it will motivate you every time you pick it up. Highly recommended. I’d give it six stars, if I could!”

M.Leal, London


“This is a great book if you want to earn some extra money. I have already found some ideas in this book that I am going to implement immediately. I really like the online money-making ideas. Also lots of information and tips provided that are important to know if you want to work from home”
Tristan, London


“I buy everything Christine releases, all of her products are top notch and this one is no different”


“Some great ideas, probably a load you would have never considered”

2) Reviews for my book “Drop Shipping and eCommerce”. You can find these reviews on and Search for “Christine Clayfield” to find my books.


“As other reviewers have said, this book has absolutely everything you need to find, set up & market a drop-shipping or wholesale business online. It’s very well laid out in a step-by-step, easy to follow, format. I have already recommended the book to several friends and colleagues as the only book they need to buy. In addition to the comprehensive information contained here, Christine Clayfield provides links to additional online trainings, to keep the info current. I had occasion to contact Christine and ended up buying another product from her. I can say that she absolutely practices what she preaches about customer service. She responded quickly and way above and beyond what I expected. This is the second of Christine’s products that I have bought (the first was the equally wonderful and comprehensive book: “From Newbie to Millionaire”, which makes a great companion to this one), and I have now purchased the third. I am a complete convert and will faithfully buy whatever she produces in an area of interest to me as she is the best at what she does. I’m working on following her teaching and have every confidence that I can build the businesses I want using the tools Christine provides.
My recommendation: Just buy it, you will be glad you did”.

Maria Davies, Sussex


“The concept of drop shipping and ecommerce is very well explained, in a straight forward way in an easy to read format. All elements you need to start up a drop shipping business are covered in detail: from finding a niche, selecting products, sourcing products, finding reliable suppliers, payment processing, etc. There are golden nuggets in each chapter. Don’t worry about the price tag, it’s worth the asking price and a lot more. If I would have paid double for this book, I would still not think it is over priced. Don’t buy 10 small books about drop shipping, all with puzzle pieces missing. Get this one and you will find everything you need to know in one book. Truly fantastic book.”
Peter Pan


“This is one of those books where you say “wow, what a book,” when you receive it. This book provides so much more than what I expected. It covers everything you need to know about drop shipping and ecommerce. I especially like the fact that the author is being honest and says it can sometimes be time consuming. This is very refreshing compared to all the internet marketers I know who say you can become a millionaire very soon, which I know is not the case. Lots of things in this book I was not aware of, I learned A LOT. It is definitely worth the money: it looks good, it is FULL of interesting facts and covers everything you need to know to run a successful drop shipping business.”



“WOW!!! This book is worth much more than its price. I have read several books on this subject but this is by far the best. As someone who has been involved in drop shipping for a few years now, I can say that this is the most comprehensive and detailed piece of work you will need to succeed in the drop shipping business. The book contains honest information on what to expect, the challenges and pitfalls of drop shipping but it also gives you the necessary skills you need to overcome the challenges and to succeed. You will easily discover that the author of this book is an insider and a successful drop shipper. The book explains the best way to find your niche, the best way to select your products, what to avoid when choosing your market and she gave several examples of niches and products with high profit potentials. The book also simplifies the technical aspects involving payment processing and setting up your website and most importantly how your can get targeted traffic to your website. The best part I love in this book is where the author talks about how to analyse, learn from and beat your competition. To me that is the most important aspect in today’s highly competitive market. If you are thinking about drop shipping or eCommerce, this is all you will ever need, I strongly recommend this book. With over 530 pages of valuable contents, I will pay double the price tag, because the information in this book will save you from costly mistakes and trial & error”.



“I cannot recommend this book too highly in that the content is so well written but is down to earth. Having read Christine Clayfield’s previous book ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ this book is the ideal follow up for any person aspiring to start their own on line business. It brings to life everything one needs to know ‘Warts and all’. Congratulations Christine you deserve all your success. I cannot wait for the next product. These two books are in pride of place on my bookshelf.
Very best wishes, Graham”



“I am overwhelmed with all the information and resources this book provides! A must read for anyone involved in the world of ecommerce. A tremendous book packed with excellent resources. Brilliant.”



“Excellent book on dropshipping. The book contains everything you need to build successful dropship stores, from finding a profitable niche to marketing your dropship store.”


“GREAT BOOK!!!!!!”

“Very good book, not only explains the concept of drop shipping but gives you the sites where you can research and help your business.
If you are interested in drop shipping this book is for you, well worth the price.”



“I’ve just read Christine’s ECommerce book. In her inimitable and forthright style, it’s chock full of step by step instructions, including hints and tips that will tell you every single thing you could possibly need to know about starting and running a successful ECommerce/Dropshipping business. Christine is big on telling the truth, exposing the facts, mistakes to avoid and that drop shipping is not a get rich quick scheme. But if you’re willing to work and run your online business seriously, there is an awful lot of money to be made if you do it right and follow the frank, detailed and honest advice in this book. The Step by Step instructions are laid out in a logical progression – easy peasy. Go buy it!”

Kath, UK


“I’ve read the author’s book From Newbie to Millionaire and thought it was the best book ever on Internet marketing. That’s why I did not doubt to buy her new book. As I expected: it is the best book I’ve read on drop shipping and ecommerce. Processing payments has always puzzled me but after reading the book, all is clear to me now. I’ve never started a drop shopping business as I was never sure which suppliers to work with. There’s a list of trustworthy sources of drop shipping suppliers in the book. I am now ready to set up my first shop. Great read, very detailed and well structured”



“Wow, what a book! Very informative, well organised and easy to read. Paints a very clear picture of the concept of drop shipping, ecommerce and online stores and demystifies many parts of the process. It is clear from the content that the author has a lot of experience with drop shipping and ecommerce. The book explains what to sell to make a profit, what not to sell, how much to sell it for, how long it takes to set up, how much it will cost, etc. I’ve found lots of golden nuggets. A goldmine of information, don’t doubt to get it. It is worth the price!”



“This certainly is a must read for anyone interested in drop shipping, ecommerce or building an online store. I now understand the whole concept of drop shipping, which I didn’t before I read the book. I appreciate the author’s no nonsense approach to drop shipping, explaining everything one needs to know to set up an online store. The author gives a very clear view of all the pro’s and cons. The Internet is full of scam artists and I was never sure which websites I could trust: I’ve learned which websites to avoid and which ones are trustworthy. I’ve learned so much from this book, simply too much to sum it all up on this”.

Mr A.Youens


“I recently bought this book as soon as I heard about it as I had bought Christine’s ‘newbie to millionaire’ in the past. Once again she has given a ton of information on something she actually practices and not just preaches. I am currently making a steady passive income from what she taught me from her other products an I just know I will make money from the contents of this book as she lays it all out of what to do. Just add effort ;)”



“This book explains everything about drop shipping really well, with some example websites given and lots of resources. The pros and cons are things everyone should know. Gives an honest view of what work is involved”



“Excellent and informative. Down to earth writing”

Ken James


“Excellent Book!!! One of the best books I have read this year. If you are looking to DropShip I Recommend this book with my eyes closed. Easy to read, easy to understand, right to the point”



“I have purchased everything that Christine has released within the IM and “make money online” niche. Her knowledge and teaching style is easy and enjoyable. Thanks again for a great product”

3) Reviews for my book “Finding Niches Made Easy”. You can find these reviews on and Search for “Christine Clayfield” to find my books.


“If you need to find niches to run your business I can’t recommend this book highly enough. I should say that I’m a student of Christine’s, having met her at a conference and she is a rare breed in this world of supposed gurus in that she delivers hugely practical and valuable ideas and solutions which actually work. She is known in the industry for making what might seem like tricky or mysterious subjects very easy to understand as well as for her integrity and I have personally set up a successful business of the back of her vast knowledge. (For any Star Wars fans she’s the Yoda of the industry!) I eagerly awaited this book and I devoured it quickly. It didn’t disappoint and even though I’m not a newbie there are many new things to learn and profit from in this book, which I intend to implement straight away. It’s not the cheapest book on the market – but unlike many out there, which make outlandish promises and give you 35 pages of puff – this is absolute top-notch quality advice. Frankly for what it gives you it’s a bargain. I particularly liked the simple steps to success, which really works as a great checklist giving you a yes or no answer for any potential niche you may have. I also highly recommend From Newbie to Millionaire – I’m not there yet but am on my way! I eagerly await the website book – hope it’s coming soon?”



“Very interesting book and almost certainly the best of its kind. It could open major opportunities for small businesses. I bought this book some months ago and I believe that it probably has no competitor on the market. It is an excellent detailed overview of a really key problem particularly in the publishing marketplace – finding the right topic. The author runs her own very successful business based on the principles expounded – that research in the marketplace and ad hoc observations can produce major opportunities for publishers, especially entrepreneurial and independent ones. The same principles could be applied to almost any related field. Many times, entrepreneurs will rely solely on keyword usage, but here keyword analysis is covered in tandem with other strategies so that good niches may be reliably predicted. I am very impressed by it!”


“Fantastic. I’m still working my way through it and have already uncovered niches. Thank you”


“This is a real gem of a book, with seriously great information on an area that everybody I know has struggled…finding niches!! I’ve already recommended this book to friends”

Samantha Johnson


“Another excellent book from Christine!”

Graham Bray


“This is the 3rd book of Christine’s that I’ve purchased and if I could sum it up in 2 words it would be “simply brilliant”. It’s really easy to read, contains lot of screenshots and resources to find profitable niches.
It’s also teaches you how to think and be aware of all of the niches around you. This will be the last niche finding product you will ever need. Top job Christine (as always). I’d also give 6* if I could”.


“Holy Cow, she’s done it again – this book is great value at any price! Comprehensive, coherent with tons of tips and tricks, this is a book that even the greenest newbie searching for their first online niche can understand. Like Christine’s other two books, this one is a gem that contains honest, forthright and detailed information on what you can expect when researching niches, the pitfalls to avoid and the necessary skills anyone needs to succeed. Covering every aspect from where to find the (mostly free) tools you’ll need, the criteria for a successful niche, how to go about it step-by-step, and most importantly which niches NOT to get into, this book is a MUST READ for anyone who is planning on doing niche research successfully.
Christine describes all the different hats you must wear if you’re thinking of selling anything online and has a whole section on ‘red flag’ elements to avoid when choosing your new niche. Even if you’ve been selling online for some time, you’ll find some great little tips in here! Christine’s writing style is straight up, no jargon and no BS either, which is why I always take her advice – she walks her talk. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get into profitable online selling niches. This valuable information will save you from all the trial and error headaches and costly mistakes. I wish I’d had it when I started out. If you’re into honest methods that Christine uses herself, do yourself a favour, shortcut your learning curve – go and buy this book. It’s a steal at twice the price!”



“I’ve learned to expect a lot from Christine as I’ve bought her previous books. She didn’t let me down with this one. The methods that are suggested to find new niches are easy to put into practice. Christine talks about things to check that no other internet marketer ever talks about. She gives abundant links and resources! The book comes without the usual “guru talk” but that is to be expected from Christine’s books. Excellent book, if I could give it 6 stars, I would!”

Mr A.Youens


“This book explains 6 steps to go through to check if a niche will be profitable. Very simple steps to follow. I have bought the author’s previous books and I am always amazed with the solid, no hype content she delivers. I love the advanced search techniques, which I wasn’t expecting in the book but they are a very nice bonus. Great book, very much enjoyed reading it”.

Matt Whitworth


“I got Christine’s book From Newbie to Millionaire and I simply had to get this book to compliment my mastering the Internet Marketing business. If you want information in plain and simple terms, then this is the book to get. Well done Christine for making success easy for us newbies”.

D.A.Martin, UK


“Christine Clayfield solves the apparent mystery of how to find profitable niches with this simple to read book with clear instructions and practical advice. It is literally packed with gold nugget information on literally 177 niche finding sources, so if you can’t find niches after this, then you never will! Excellent reference book for any serious IM or author.”



“I chose 5 star review for this book because it is by far the best book I have read on the subject Niche finding. The book contains several workable, easy and profitable ideas, about 177 in total. Although, I already use some of the ways the author describes, but I discovered several other ways that I never knew about. This is an amazing book on this subject. What I like about this book is that the author uses the same methods and ways described in the book to find all her niches, you will see some of her products in the first few pages of the book. I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to start online or offline business, or anyone who wants to discover other easy ways to find profitable niches. If you want to know if your niche idea will bring you money, this book provides powerful techniques to test the market before you venture into it. Great Book!!!”



““So simple and yet so efficient” is how I can summarise this book. The author explains all the steps she goes through before deciding a new niche. I really like the fact that she shows so many of her own examples, no internet marketer ever does that! I love this book so much that I’ve already bought one of the author’s other books. Learned a tremendous amount from this book and now I know where I’ve gone wrong with previous niches that didn’t earn me any money.”



“Finding a profitable niche is the key to success online. Nothing else matters if you start with a niche that will never be profitable. If you are following Christine’s advice and working towards becoming a successful self-publisher you will know that you can outsource just about all of the work to other people. The one thing that you can’t outsource, in my opinion, is niche selection. In this book Christine provides the tried and tested methods she uses to start off with the best chance of success, how to pick a potentially profitable niche. Since she released her self-publishing coaching program I have been waiting for her to release this. It fills the final gap in the system. The other good thing about it is that because niche selection is where you have to start no matter what type of online marketing you’re involved with this is required reading for anyone that is planning or still trying to market online. Christine’s no frills, tell it like it is approach is evident in this book too and for me that is why I continue to follow her proven advice. She’s done it herself and doesn’t hold anything back. Another excellent investment that I know will save me a lot of time and expense and pay me back many times over”.

Mr Trevor D Greenfield


“Niches Made Easy is an excellent book about how to find profitable niches and use the information to build a profitable online business. The thing I liked about this niches book was that Christine explained everything in I way that I could easily follow what she was saying. If you are interested in building a profitable business online then I recommend that you read this book!

Peter Pan

“Christine always delivers what she promises and this book is no exception, it provides concise easily understood and logical strategies for finding profitable niches. Good work Christine!”



“After having bought so many crappy eBooks from the so called “guru” Internet marketers, this book is a breath of fresh air. I was pleasantly surprised at how much brilliant content this book has. I’ve learned a lot!
The author exposes a lot of her own niches that are number 1 for their keywords, proving that she knows what she is talking about. Definitely recommend this book!”



“This book is chock full of resources and strategies to help you find a new profitable niche. No nonsense and no hype anywhere to be found in this book! You can see clearly that the author knows what she is talking about as she shows over 15 of her own niches being number one. If someone can show proof that they can do it themselves, you can believe them! I have already found a new niche with the methods explained in the book and I am pretty confident that I will be number 1 in my new niche, thanks to this book. Great book bursting with solid information and resources.”



“I’ve bought a few Kindle books on niche marketing and they were all a disappointment with little information in them. Now this one is different cookie: a REAL book, with great information; love it. I’ve lost track how many websites are listed in this book that I’ve never heard of. I have already found one niche with the methods explained in the book. I will buy the other books by the same author as I like her style of writing and the brilliant things she teaches. I’ve enjoyed reading this book so much and I’ve learned a vast amount of new stuff.



“Finding new niches is straight forward, however finding profitable niches is quite hard. This book covers the first issue but more importantly helps you to find profitable niches. That’s what I needed. But it also tells you how to target those niches to make money. This is a great, up to date book, for discovering new niches and I highly recommend it to you”.

4) Reviews for my book “From Newbie to Millionaire”. You can find these reviews on and Search for “christine clayfield” to find my books.


“Wow – at 500+ pages this book really does give value for money! I’ve never come across a book about Internet marketing that manages to cram so much content between the covers. Christine openly admits that she is not a qualified writer, and the structure of the book doesn’t necessarily make it an easy read. In many ways, the book is best viewed as an encyclopedia of Internet marketing. The table of contents is sufficiently detailed to enable anybody to find exactly what they want, whether it’s finding a niche, creating content or monetizing a site. The sections on attracting traffic are awesome! To cap it all, there’s even a chapter towards the end on drop-shipping and e-commerce. This section really opened my eyes, and made me consider alternative pathways for my own Internet marketing. Christine includes links to a whole range of training videos – there’s just no excuse now for anybody not to get started! In a short review it’s difficult to really do the book justice, but if you really are interested in setting up an Internet marketing business then I recommend this book without reservation”.

Graham Bray


“I came across this book after meeting the author recently in person at a seminar. Just like the author, this book is the real thing and offers so much valuable information for both experts and newbies. Her book covers all the basics and much more to get one started in what is an area that’s ever changing and getting more and more complex. I have read many such books and this is the only book that delivers what its title promises. Of course the reader has to be diligent, learn and apply the ideas – and therein lies the challenge for many wannabe internet millionaires – not doing the work! Get this book, do the work and see what happens…”

Arvind Devalia, London.


“I saw Christine Clayfield speak at a business event in the UK recently. What immediately struck me, was her forthrightness and clarity of purpose. She is a woman who clearly cuts no corners, and gets the job done properly and completely. Her positive attitude and generous nature made me keen to read her book, and to discover exactly what was her secret. The word “book” understates what I actually received; the word “bible” is more like it. This really is a comprehensive publication, weighing in at more than 500 pages.
I decided to read a few introductory pages in bed before I fell asleep later that night. Hours later, I was still reading! Truly absorbing, and entirely revealing, Christine lays out the full system that she used to create a cash torrent that filled her bank account. There’s no smoke and mirrors, and each component part is a simple process. At the end you have a blueprint to publish and market niche information. She tells you how to find out what’s going to sell, how to make it, and most importantly, how to magnetise and attract paying customers. Many Internet marketers promise this formula in competitor publications. I have read dozens of them. So many times, I have been let down by the vital magic being alluded to, but left out. Christine delivers everything you need to know, and ensures that her pathway to success is easy to follow”.
Gavin McCoy, Oxford UK, Winner of The Argos Consumer Journalism Award


“Christine Clayfield has managed to do something that very few writers about Internet Marketing have achieved: she has covered everything a newbie (or someone more advanced) needs to know – without the confusion. That’s quite an achievement! Online marketing books are almost always lacking. They generally miss out the vital details for someone who is not ‘in the know’ to be able to follow their ‘system’s’. But Christine Clayfield has avoided that mistake. ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ covers everything that she herself does to make over a million pounds ($1.6m) a year from Internet marketing and breaks it all down into bite-sized chunks that even a complete beginner will be able to understand. As a full-time professional online marketer I can spot the fakes, frauds and scammers from a mile away. I am delighted to be able to report that Christine Clayfield and her excellent ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ are the real deal. This book is highly recommended”.

Martin Avis


“I’ve started reading about Internet marketing about 6 months ago and I got extremely confused by it all until I found this book. I finished reading it in one week, just couldn’t put it away as it is very engaging to read. My confusion has now turned into a very clear view on what Internet marketing is all about and I am ready to start earning money (I hope). The author has inspired me so much that I will be following in her footsteps. As someone who “talks the talk” and “walks the walk”, I believe everyone who wants to earn money on the Internet can learn a lot from her. It is all explained plain as day. Most internet marketer gurus try and make you believe you can earn thousands of dollars by next week or your own mansion in a few months so I really appreciate the author’s honesty as she clearly says it is hard work but worth it in the end”.



“I was surprised at the one bad review, possibly the author of that review has a good level of expertise and is not a “Newbie”, but even if it is a rehash of a lot that has gone before, it’s a huge reference point for all that information. But everybody is entitled to their opinion. However the fact is that there is a wealth of information in this book that is relevant today, for example there are literally dozens if not hundreds of links to other websites which will help you with all sorts of issues such as SEO, keywords, and getting help with just about anything by hiring freelancers – something I never would have thought of – and a whole host of other things. Others have described this book as a dictionary, encyclopedia or bible of information and there is no question whatsoever that this book is a superb resource. Now this might sound strange in the middle of a review but the truth is that I have actually only read the first 160 pages of this book, but I have already picked up so many tips and tricks and ideas to incorporate into my website that I would never have thought of previously. The plain fact is, if you can’t make at least enough money online to cover the cost of this book after reading it then making money online is not a good career move for you. Having read only a third of it so far I already know that this is going to be of great benefit to me. Regardless of the rest of the content of the book, there is easily enough information provided to enable you to recoup your investment at the very least even in the 160 pages I have read to date. If the rest of the pages are blank I will still have got myself a bargain. The main point to bear in mind is that the author of the book HAS made a very decent living using the techniques described in the book, and to be fair readily admits that part of her current income is from selling books, but rest assured this isn’t the usual rubbish, you know, the ones who are earning a living by selling their get-rich-quick books. If you want to get into earning money online this book is perfect for the newbie AND those of you who have a little knowledge and have set up a website already but are not sure how to go about monetizing it. Buy this book, read it through a couple of times and have a highlighter and bookmark tabs ready. I cannot emphasise enough that there is so much information in this book that it is going to take at least two readings before it sinks in. But it is well worth it. Astonishing read, and I am hugely impressed”


“Wow, I am hugely impressed with this book and the video tutorials. Yes, it even includes hours of video tutorials. The author gives a link at the end of the book where you can watch the tutorials. Some Internet marketing gurus would charge hundreds of pounds for the videos alone. Don’t let the price put you off as this book is well worth the price. The book is very well put together and every newbie should read it as there is an enormous amount of information explained in very simple, understandable language”.



“As it is impossible for me to extract my zombie-vampire son from his room and encourage him to earn a living by learning a trade such as a mechanic or gardener, I have decided to play things his way and appeal to his first and last love – computers. And here is the perfect solution for all despairing parents of similar zombie-vampire children. If they won’t quit their dark, dreary, poster-lined caves that emit dreadful music at ridiculous hours, open the door and chuck this book in there. Once they’ve got over the shock of seeing something new and shiny lying on the rug, they’ll pick it up, leaf through it, make a few primeval noises, put it down, pick it up, and then start reading more closely. Just get a ladder and look through the window! It’s true. I did manage to grab a glance at a few of the topics included. (Not that I am a geek, so my understanding of these things is fairly limited). But you can actually make money by putting advertisements on your website pages. Fancy that! Also, there’s the whole world of writing reviews for games, music, and all sorts of other things your darling zombie-vampire enjoys. And they’ll get paid for it! That’s just 2 of the many, many suggestions, and all written in an easy to understand format by one of the Internet’s successful business people. So, next time you slide that dinner plate under the door, you might want to shove a copy of this after it”.



“As a highly experienced Internet marketer I can safely say this book is awesome. It will provide you with everything you need in order to get started, and it will also help you to make a fortune from the Internet. I am using a large number of the tips and strategies everyday to make my own money. Very worthwhile; you will not be disappointed!”

Richard McMunn, Kent, UK.


“What a surprise! With so many books out there on making money online full of so much technobabble that you feel completely out of your depth, this book is a breath of fresh air. What’s more, I actually enjoyed reading it – it was simple to follow and easy to understand. Not only did it cover how the author has made money, but there’s proof that she knows her stuff. Having explained how she selects and chooses markets to target, there’s simple explanation on how to go about creating the website and, more importantly, getting people to visit and how to make it earn you money! I had no idea how to build, create and launch a website, but now I can’t wait to get cracking and start earning money”.

K. Reid


“WOW! I’ve bought the product, which is totally brilliant, so I came back to leave a review, so you all know how much time and money this will save you! I am what I would call an “Intermediate Newbie”, there is still a lot I can learn from it, even advanced marketers will learn new things, but equally it somehow manages to be simple enough to explain the basics in a way a Newbie could understand! I honestly wish I had this product when I first started out, (I should state that I don’t know Christine!) I would be so much further ahead now, and it would have saved me about a year of confusion, not to mention a fortune on other courses and books! I have bought so many before (don’t ask how many…) and most can be read in ten minutes, I would say a good one takes thirty minutes tops, but when I got this I thought “I’ll just have a quick look…” = 2 hours later of ‘skimming’ the surface, which is a long time as I speed read! 🙂 Make sure you have a cup of tea and a sandwich to hand before you sit down with this, because it is literally like one of those books you can’t put down, it explains everything from A-Z, with information for more advanced marketers as well as newbies. 20 out of 10! This literally will be the book that will make all the many bits of the IM puzzle finally fit together – do yourself a favour and get it! For Christine – Thank you so much for this amazing product – it really is a proper book, not one of those skinny things people sell as books nowadays! If you are serious about making money online, buy this! It will save you a fortune and a lot of stress, take it from me!”



“Buy back your life for the price of a cheap meal out! Invest in this book and you will LITERALLY have ALL the information you need to set yourself FINANCIALLY FREE and ditch the 9-5 or the job centre.
If you have ever ventured into the realms of money making on the internet – then you will no doubt have been scammed or at the very least bought information which was of little or no use or just a tiny piece of the puzzle. The money making internet space can be a “cash sucking minefield”, if you are not careful, with self-styled “gurus” trying to sell you the latest “push button software”, complete with pictures of cash flying out of computers and women draped over Ferraris! This book is ABSOLUTELY not one of those – it is quite simply a STUNNING resource – or my IM Bible (Internet Marketing Bible!)- giving both a broad overview and yet a step by step system to achieving financial freedom – complete with videos to boot!!! The author, Christine Clayfield, clearly explains everything from starting off as she says “from newbie” (Internet marketing speak for a newcomer) to being a successful online marketer. I was instantly drawn to read the book, when I read the author’s back-story and saw a picture of the pile of books she had on Internet marketing – I couldn’t help but laugh as I too have the very same pile of books! I completely related to the endless late night hours spent trying to learn how this Internet “thing” works – even down to similar health problems that she has endured in this pursuit! I am simply amazed at the level of detail that is in this book – there quite simply is NO OTHER RESOURCE like this about Internet Marketing either on the net or in print – there are gurus who are selling this kind of information (probably to a much lesser standard) for thousands and thousands of pounds. I have many many books on this subject and I cannot recommend this book HIGHLY enough – if you are reading this review, then you are interested in the subject matter – do yourself and your family a favour and change your life forever by buying it, reading it and TAKING ACTION on it – Success is IN YOU! No one can do it for you – but here you have the step by step plan on HOW to do it!
As Nike says – Just do it!! and enjoy the benefits! PS. I am not affiliated with the author in any way – it REALLY IS just an AMAZING book!!”

Whole Food expert, North Yorkshire, UK.


“This book is very well written and easy to read and understand. The author makes very little assumptions and explains the technical jargons very well indeed. It gave me the foundation I needed to understand other materials I have read on the Internet since. She comes across as very sincere and doesn’t hide the fact that one will have to work hard to be profitable online. Now that I have read and researched a bit more, it is true that most of the information contained in the book are indeed on the internet BUT it will take you a heck of a time to be able to collect it all in one place. I have personally contacted the author a couple of times and each time she has responded promptly with and thoughtfully. It has become a reference of mine and is saving me a lot of research. Sure some of the information might be a little outdated, but that is not the fault of the author, it is the nature of the medium and the fact that the Internet is changing at break neck speed. All in all it is money well spent as it has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of thinking. I highly recommend it to any newbie”.



“Having been subject to “information overload” and hundreds of promotional emails from loads of different sources over the last 12 months, all claiming to offer me a ‘simple’ method of earning vast amounts of money on the Internet, I became so confused and despondent, not knowing who to believe but at the same time worried that I might have been missing out by not taking them up on their ‘life-changing’ offers. I almost gave up, I just wanted a simple book to explain in step-by-step detail how it all works so I would understand exactly what I needed to do – and that’s exactly what I got when I bought this book. Don’t believe the hype – this 500 page book is all you need to make sense of it all! Refreshingly written and for the price, an absolute bargain. At last, I am on my way!”

Steevie B


“There are so many books and courses out there about how to make money marketing on the Internet. This is one of the best. At this point I have to disclose that I met the author on a train a few months ago! She told me that she had written a book on Internet marketing and I gave her my business card and asked her to let me know when it was published. Well, I wasn’t expecting something of such good quality although the one thing that I was expecting, having briefly met Christine, was the integrity in the book. I particularly love the fact that she planned to write the book right from the very beginning of her Internet marketing career – to provide other newbies with the book that she wished she’d had access to when she was starting out. Buy this book, read it and most of all implement what she is teaching. It is pure gold, very practical and it works. Most people who try and earn money from Internet marketing don’t actually apply what they learn but even if they did there is often much of it missing. In this case, the book has everything that you need (including links to videos too) to be an Internet marketing success…if you follow the instructions!

Jo Dodds, Kent, UK.


“I am absolutely delighted with this book. The author is truthful and does not sugarcoat anything. Making money online is ABSOLUTELY possible BUT the would be marketeer has to do the footwork and must be prepared for it to take time and persistence .The author has done all the research (so we do not need to re-invent the wheel) she has brought all the tutorials , tried and tested countless methods and ideas. She is a brilliant example of doing what she recommends. The book walks you through all the many steps one needs to implement. Its extremely complete. Again a GREAT (and very encouraging) book for anyone wishing to enter this field. Buy it without a moment’s hesitation.

Maureen Pilkington, France/Switzerland


“This book is an easy, chatty read, providing tips and ideas for virtually anything at all which relates to making money on the Internet. It is simple to understand, well laid out and spelt out in clear English without jargon. It gives precise instructions, which are simple to follow, and is absolutely waffle free. The author has taken a lot of trouble to ensure that ideas and information are both up to date and that absolutely nothing is left out. This is a work of art, which no home, school or desk should be without, for even experts will enjoy finding new ways to make money online. I absolutely loved it from cover to cover and was able to use its ideas immediately – a wonderful feat for a former technophobe!”

Mercedes Leal


“I purchased this book a month ago and have read through it a few times. It’s an excellent resource…one of the single best available for Internet marketers. It not only gives a lot of conceptual information, it’s also very much a “rubber-meets-the-road” type of product. By that I mean it’s full of step-by-step instructions detailing exactly what the author is trying to get across. As someone who’s been involved in Internet marketing for a few years, the author’s attention to detail in terms of explaining exactly what she’s talking about and how to do it is very much appreciated. Aside from that, the overall conceptual discussions regarding how money is made online are excellent. I own several different education resources on internet marketing and marketing in general (probably valuing a little over $5,000) and this book is the single most comprehensive, yet detailed, in my internet marketing library, and as such while I’m working it stays within arm’s length for referencing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, get it, you’ll be glad you did. I buy quite a bit through Amazon and rarely leave reviews, but this book is just too good not to let others know about it. :)”



“Finally I understand all aspects of Internet marketing. It was all a bit gooble-de-gook to me and so much has been cleared up in my mind after reading this book. I have read several books about Internet marketing but this one sticks out a mile. I just had to give it 5 stars but I haven’t rated any of the other books that I’ve read. The author deserves a 5 star and therefore she is getting it. If she ever releases another book, I will buy it. The book is constantly next to me at work and I refer to it all the time. Great work!”



“This book is without a doubt THE BEST INVESTMENT you can buy if you are serious about making money on the Internet. Christine is refreshingly honest about the fact that you will have to work your butt off if you wish to succeed – that makes a change to quite a few other productions on offer who tell you it can all be done virtually over night! Everything you need to know and/or research is gone through step by baby step with the best websites and many alternate free websites to explore. There is a lot to take in, especially if you are a complete “newbie” but she writes in such a way that you can follow and understand what could sound like a completely different language! As I have read through I have thought this is quite daunting – but that’s the message – THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE – LEARN FROM ME AND WORK REALLY HARD TO GET IT! THIS BOOK IS THE REAL DEAL – BUY IT!”



“I totally love this book. It is the first book that I have bought on Internet marketing where everything is very clearly explained in a step-by-step fashion. I was dubious first because of the higher price range but I am very glad that I bought because I’ve learned more from this then from 20 other books put together. If you are like me and you are thinking of buying it: don’t think about it any longer; just get it, you won’t regret it.
I wish I bought it 2 years ago when I first started in Internet marketing as I have wasted lots of money on automated push button rubbish. I now understand why this stuff will never earn me any money as it is explained very clearly in the book. The traffic chapter is awesome with over 100 traffic methods, some of which I never heard of before. My conclusion: very interesting read, very clear language and extremely good value for money”

Matt W


“This book and the writer Christine Clayfield have been an absolute inspiration to me since I got it. The book is a detailed guide in how to get a website online from scratch and shows you how to get traffic and make money from it. The way Christine writes makes it easy to understand and easy to follow and everything is made very clear and explained. I want to offer more than 5 stars because that doesn’t do it justice. It changed my whole way of thinking about making money online”.


“The Author Christine Clayfield knows her stuff, what an amazing book. This is a MUST buy if you want to start marketing on the Internet. With great illustrations and step-by-step guide to everything you possibly need to know. Great for beginners a complete A-Z on how to make millions on the Internet, If you want to be successful buy this book! This book gets 10 out of 10 for me!”



“Bought this book a few weeks ago and have been reading it non stop and even worn out my fluorescent pen as so many good ideas. This book really does teach you the A-Z of how to make money on the internet and work for yourself!! It has inspired me to really take action and follow the books system… Definitely recommend this book.”



“This book contains over 500 pages of excellent information for a person starting out, or for anyone who is short on experience in Internet Marketing. It gets right to the core of the subject and deals with each part in a very thorough way. It also dispels the myth of being a millionaire overnight and puts forward, what I feel is the truth, that there is no substitute for hard work if you want to succeed. My only regret is that I did not find this book earlier, if I had, I would be a lot further forward with my efforts in this strange world of ‘Internet Marketing.’ Well done Christine.”



“I have been looking for guidance regarding making money online. This book has me given all the tools I need and require to get started. It gives me step-by-step guide in particular if you are beginner to Internet marketing, which has been fully explained. In addition, looking after your health whilst working online. Great stuff Christine, well done!”



“Very informative, not boring, met my expectations. Looking for future publications from the author, hoping for coaching or mentoring. Really was that good”.



“I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to make money online in the same manner as Christine, by implementing only a few of the ideas in this book I have already started making affiliate sales, like everything it all starts by taking action irrespective of how small your first sale is! It’s a very easy read and as the title points out a newbie could pick this book up, implement the strategies and start making money today! Don’t be fooled though into thinking you will be making millions by implementing a few strategies, you could be of course but it will take a bit of time, experience and trial and error for your niche, but do keep at it and you could also be making as much or even more as Christine. A great book and a great read, thanks Christine!!!”

D.Buntin, Scotland, UK



“The world of Internet Marketing can be a vast and terrifying place. Christine Clayfield in her book ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ takes away a lot of the mystery. She explains in easy to understand, bite size chunks some of the essentials but also some of the pitfalls of Internet Marketing. I have found her book not only to be crammed packed full of information but also tips and ideas that you too can use to create your own success. I highly recommend this book not just for newbies but for others who already have an online presence and want to develop that further. Thank you Christine a thoroughly absorbing read”.

Jayne Wells


“Christine Clayfield has in my opinion opened up the field of Internet marketing with ease. An excellent book, so well written and easy to understand, each chapter guides you forward step by step and makes you want to get involved and go right ahead and make MONEY. Although this business is not easy going Christine takes you by the hand and endeavours to guide you along the wide Highway known as the modern way to success”.



“I have bookcases and cupboards full of programs I’ve bought on various aspects of making money online. Some better than others. I have also attended events, the last one at a cost of over £500 for two days and it didn’t even include a cup of tea on arrival after driving for 2 hours! (Yes, I know, I wasn’t there for the tea, but I do think it’s a portent of how well the “guru” is likely to look after his customers in other respects). There are two things that particularly resonate with me when it came to Christine: 1. she writes that she has also spent thousands on trainings and programs but always found herself left wanting, so she put in the many hours to find and test what did and didn’t work and gain the additional puzzle pieces she needed to be successful and then, when she ha her system honed, she wrote the book that she wished she’d been able to find when she was starting out; 2. she is very vociferous about promoting the need to provide excellent customer service. I suspect she’s previously had less than wonderful experiences with some of the so-called “gurus” who don’t. Having since purchased another two of Christine’s products, I can confirm that she absolutely practices what she preaches, going above and beyond. This book itself is fantastic. It’s packed full of resources and everything’s tried and tested. This is not theory, it’s what really works. Halfway through, I was moved to email the author just to let her know. She acknowledged immediately (not automated) which was nice. There are accompanying online videos one can buy to supplement the book (I did) – not essential, but I would recommend as they are also very comprehensive and will make your task even easier. However, the book does what it says on the front: it provides a step-by-step system to follow. Even the complete newbie will be able to follow this and have a website up and running in no time. Better to buy this one book than a pile of them on the subject. This is the only one you need. I would also recommend it over many of the trainings currently available!”

Maria Davies, Sussex


“If you are interested in developing an Internet Marketing business or digital marketing this is a fantastic resource, well researched and produced in an easy to follow format. Christine clearly has been there, done that. She does not hold back in any way and tells it as it is in terms of researching, setting up and operating an Internet business. Like Christine I have purchased many courses and spent hours on line learning and trying to set up my business – if I had come across Christine earlier I could have saved myself lots of money and plenty of time”.

Howard Kent


“I am a relative newbie to Internet market and Christine’s clear instructions are giving me the confidence to follow along and achieve results . It is great value for money book and well worth the investment”.

Mo Flick, Warwickshire, UK.


“I purchased this book some time ago now and have taken a while to post my review. This is an incredible learning resource and one that I come back to time and time again. It’s well-written and easy to understand. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Buy it! You’ll be pleased you did”.

Moore and Coast


“What a great book, well written with stacks of the best information out there. It’s an expensive book but well worth the investment. I’ve bought cheaper books, which were very bad. The information in it will make you rich, I’m very glad I bought it”.

Mr A.R.Lambie


“Christine teaches common sense to those who have been wondering if this strange world of Internet Marketing can be possible, even for newbies like me… No I haven’t made my millions… as of yet… But Christine gives you the unvarnished truth about Internet Marketing… taking away the many false promises and scams that are out there in the Internet world. Through Christine’s many years of trial and errors, all the money she had wasted on false promises and hopes… she decided to write a step by step “manual” for the Internet Marketing business… based on her years of experience… which has made her millions… only after very, very hard work and strict work ethics… was able to create the basics for her very successful business. The 500 page book starts off with the basics, learning the language of the Internet Marketer and what it all means… to the hundreds of free websites, that will help the newbies move forward to understanding the procedures of successful marketing strategies. This book is written in a simple, easy to read style… no technobabble stuff here… Just straight talk. In the back of the book, Christine has made available, many hours of FREE “how to video lessons” that the newbie can watch over and over again, to get those proper strategies down right. This… (IMO)… is worth more than the price of the book! If anyone has wondered about the Internet Marketing business… I would definitely invest in this book first! It has truly opened my eyes to the Internet world… and Christine has always answered all of my questions about the Internet… personally… via email… Now that is a really big bonus to me! You could spend hundreds of dollars on books and DVDs on Internet Marketing… and still not get the same information or value that Christine has written for all us newbies out there! So check it out!”


“In the word of Internet Marketing (IM) the risk of being bitten by a snake is pretty high. The Snake Oil salespeople are everywhere. It has almost become an expectation that is the norm. While I do not know Ms. Clayfield, her IM book is anything but Snake Oil. It is a carefully laid out road map to IM success. I have begun traveling the road using her map and feel very confident following her advice and counsel; I will arrive safely without snakebites, road rash or other perils of traveling the Information Superhighway. It is not an inexpensive book but it has proven to be worth every penny invested. If you are a traveler on the IM routes, I give it a two thumbs up. I would give it more if I had more thumbs”.

David Rodwell, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


“I’ve bought a ton of internet marketing books, many excellent, many just fluff, many hard to implement, beyond me, etc., but this book is the only one I’ll need anymore to really move my IM forward and make the kind of money I want. Christine over delivers so much in this book, it is incredible. 500-plus pages! I wish print cartridges weren’t so expensive, otherwise I would print it up and carry it with me everywhere, devouring it, soaking up its wisdom. A woman of great integrity, I believe, wrote this book and put her all into it. I cannot recommend it highly enough”.

Anti Hype, Washington


“Christine is truly one of the good people within Internet Marketing that you can trust and has a great deal of integrity. This book will give you the basics you need to get your head around all the information available in Internet Marketing – and there is a lot. She is obviously a perfectionist trying to provide her readers with a good head start to help them succeed within IM. She provides more details and secrets than other Internet Marketers and keeps updating her book to ensure things current based on her vast experience. Believe the others who say that she is the real deal. She taught me a lot and if you buy her book, you will not regret it if you follow her lead and take action. I truly feel this is much more valuable than what I paid for it. It really is THE bible of Internet Marketing. Awesome content to keep you on a clear path!”



“I own many, many business books and marketing books. This book is FANTASTIC. Christine is an amazing lady to share all her knowledge. We have many websites all ranking well and this book is great for me. Perfect for anyone interested in Internet marketing or even if you just have one website or business that you want to grow. I highly recommend this book. I bought it as an ebook and have printed it and am having it bound. I am studying it and putting the principles into practice. Am the most excited I have ever been about a book”

Betty Billionaire


“I am totally new to Internet marketing. I have been searching for sources to build an online business I can make my own with for years. I found lot of materials on the web, but I wasn’t able do even the first step. After reading this book I had idea what I should do. I followed the steps and finally I built my own niche website which is ranking on the first page of Google. If you are a newbie, you will get all the knowledge in eatable chunks. With this book you do can built your own niche website (if I could, you can too, believe me)”.

Aron Boga


“Outstanding! This is the best book ever on explaining the ins and the outs on navigating the Internet. Anyone who truly wants to learn how to make money on the Internet should buy this book”.

Bennie love

6) Reviews for my book “Design Free Websites”. You can find these reviews on and Search for “Christine Clayfield” to find my books.


“I have been buying Christine’s Internet marketing themed books for the last couple of years and I am yet to find one which disappoints. Her approach is direct and she keeps everything simple and she has not departed from that path in her latest offering. You will need years to put together all the resources she has collected into this one volume over a period of 8 years. She takes you through the design process from the beginning and gives you everything you need to create an entirely free website, the only cost is the time you will invest to doing it all yourself. Worried about where to find images for free or even videos then she’s got a number of solutions to that problem. Grab yourself a copy and start creating free websites for your business or personal use. Pitched at the absolute beginner don’t be afraid to use the free resources for lack of skill or experience, she teaches you everything.



“Another great book from Christine. Christine has over delivered AGAIN and has listed over 500 FREE resources in her book. I will refer to this book over and over again”.



“Very insightful methods on building websites for free. Definitely a good book for anybody starting out in the Internet arena, or even seasoned professionals”.

Samantha Johnson


” I buy everything Christine releases, her books are always top notch”


“First, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of Christine’s. She is very knowledgeable and provides IMMENSE value in her products ~ lots of bang for your buck. I bought her book “From Newbie to Millionaire” as well as her works on public domain, and they are just fantastic. I am dying to read her books on niches and e-commerce next. And then maybe self-publishing! Second, in the spirit of full disclosure, I received a promotional copy of this book but am not receiving compensation for this review. Finally, WOW. This useful “black book” contains 300+ pages in 18 chapters (and a handy quick reference in the back). I tried to speed-count the number of FREE tools, sites, and resources she refers to and I lost count at 500!! But this book is not just a list of links. She also provides great design tips, screen shots and general instructions to point you in the right direction (very helpful), AND advice on various website topics to help you avoid all sorts of trouble! Let me just say…I had NO idea there were so many free and cheap tools out there. And more pop up all the time! Christine’s comprehensive list and advice provide an excellent jumping board. Good luck with your site!!


7) Reviews for my book “From Newbie To Millionaire”. You can find these reviews on Search for “Christine Clayfield” to find my books. At the time of writing, there were 1368 comments and 169,763 page views for my Warrior Forum Special Offer (WSO).


“Christine has put together a massive 501 page ebook loaded with diagrams, illustrations and screen shots that cover the entire spectrum of Internet marketing. This document covers everything from the terminology used in IM to niche and keyword research, site creation, SEO, content, monetizing your site(s), and a large section covering the fundamental, tried and true free traffic methods (article making, press releases, video, …) as well as many less obvious free methods. Paid traffic methods are covered as well. The book also includes ways to make money with, or without a website. All the methods listed include brief descriptions of how to use them and many are accompanied by screenshots and longer explanations to help you get started. There is also an additional pdf with links to many video trainings, but I didn’t have a chance to review that. There is a TON of solid information in this wso and although I don’t consider myself a newbie, I’m sure I’ll be referring back to it for quite some time.
Good Job, Christine.”

inspiredguy, Fenton, MI.


“I’m not a newbie, but I decided to check this out. This is the real deal, the e-book alone is over 500 pages of gold. If you’re prepared to work hard, have patience and want to earn serious money online in the future … this is exactly what you need. Thanks for putting together an incredible product Christine, and congratulations on making $1,800,000 last year”.

oneplusone, UK.


“I’m always looking for NEW traffic sources so her statement about providing “100 Free and Paid Traffic Generating Methods” peaked my interest. The first part of her huge 500+ page “IM Encyclopedia” is definately for newbies, however, as she starts Part 3 with “Niche Research”, the information is for anyone wanting to increase their IM business. She goes into a lot of detail about autoresponders, getting traffic, monitizing websites and her “secret sauce” success formula. My plan is to take much of her info, put it into a system for my outsourcing team and let them run with it. She’s done all of the hard work, we just need to follow her lead”.

tylerd, Charlotte, NC


“Wow I can’t believe how much value you have given, 501 pages of brilliant content. Its a guide to Internet marketing without leaving anything out, I’m still trying to work out how long this must have taken you to put this together. For anyone out there who is doubting this lady I urge you to get this, it’s amazing, I have bought lots of wso offers in the past, some good and some bad, but I must say this is by far the best purchase that I have ever got. I am slowly going through every part of this and I have yet had a chance to review all of it but I will do so today and get back to you all with an update. Hope this helps to all of you who like me wasn’t sure but I will be recommending this to everyone who wants to make money online, for once a wso that does what it says in the sales letter”.



“I know a good thing when I see it. After going through one fifth of your PDF I can safely say it was worth the money. It is a compendium of all there is to know about the art of IM and will benefit both the newbie, like myself, and the seasoned Marketing folk, many of which have already attested to your masterpiece. Word of warning to the newbies – costs incurred in setting up the niche/website/affiliates are not cheap but these are meant only as a guide and to spend once some revenue is made with minimal costs. As Christine calls it – a sound investment! Brilliant stuff Christine! A joy to read!”



“It is normal for folks on the forum to be a little skeptical of someone that is new and is selling a WSO. Christine is the real deal and her report is very well put together and is a huge 501-pages of solid IM content. It would be easy to call this report … the Encyclopedia Britannica of Internet marketing. She is an interesting writer it very easy to read and understand her teachings. As you read through, it is quite obvious that she has taken a very long time and shared her many strategies from her experience of building a successful Internet marketing business. I have never seen such an assortment of different IM businesses with procedures and details shared. Instead of purchasing a bundle of WSOs … Try this one, then pick out 1 or 2 of your favorites and take action. For those that are starting on a very limited budget, she has even included methods of earning income, without having a website. Everyone can use more traffic, there is excellent information on finding free organic targeted traffic and driving to your money-sites. There is another section that deals with paid traffic that is very useful. There is a huge video library that is very newbie friendly however; even the more experienced Internet marketers will find some golden-nuggets that should increase their bottom line. In my opinion, this is one of the better value WSOs of 2011 … that simply over-delivers and is under-priced”



“I have read several sections of Christine’s 500+ ebook and they’re packed full of useful information and resources. The first few sections will get the newbie off to a flying start with topics on IM terminology, skills required to be an Internet Marketer etc. Then there’s over 100 ways to get both free and paid traffic, plus lots of ways to make money with or without a website. The whole ebook is complemented with over 5 hours of video for a complete affiliate marketing system. I’ve viewed several of the videos and they’re very informative and well produced. There’s also over 4 hours of videos specifically created to go along with the ebook which covers the more technical aspects such as setting up a WordPress site, using aweber autoresponder, webhosting and domain settings. It’s obvious Christine has put a lot of time and effort into producing this WSO and I’m sure it’s something I’ll be referring to time and time again as it contains really solid information and useful resources. One of this year’s best WSOs”



“What jumped out at me is this. You don’t just teach “How-To-Do-It -Step-By-Step” you also share your experience, good bad and indifferent. That adds a lot of value. When given a choice, I want to know what to expect between each choice I have been given. If I bought this at $47, it would have been one of a very few times I bought something that was actually worth it. Thanks a million Christine”.

William Steven Wells, Vernonia, Oregon


“I feel you are honest, down-to-earth and do genuinely care for those that are still trying to earn money online.(ie:me)”

bobbydiraag, UK


“I just bought this earlier today and my quick run through so far shows a pretty amazing product. Very comprehensive. Definitely one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen. Thanks a bunch!”



“I was fully prepared for the same old, same old stuff with a twist at the end or some ridiculous investment needed. What I got was a very pleasant surprise. This WSO is jam packed, and by that I mean overstuffed turkey at Thanksgiving stuffed full of the good stuff. In 501 pages (yes, really), Christine goes over the basics, the not so basics, niche selection, research and content. The real gem however, is the HUGE section on traffic generation, both free and paid. This is a killer Internet Marketing manual. You MUST own this for your own reference even if you are a veteran, I think you could learn a lot from what Christine teaches. It’s a solid business plan that can work over and over again. What a find! I haven’t looked at the videos yet, but I am quite sure they are top notch as well. Thanks for an awesome WSO!”

Charlotte Jay


I’ve read through Christine Clayfied’s book, and I have also attended her personal class training as far back as January 2011. She may not be very well known on Warrior forum but she has been doing great work underground and very busy making money doing exactly what she teaches. Her bank account and degenerative cervical spine are enough evidences. She is a great IM’er, a teacher, very hard working and very personal about what she does. She is very honest and genuine, there are not many honest IM’er like Christine Clayfield. By following her instructions, I have avoided many of the guru’s automated nonsense that would have cost me fortune and her mentoring has put me on the right path to making money online, I make good money online, by following the methods she teaches in her book. I am a healthcare professional with very keen interest in IM, as a scientist, I deal with facts and figures, and that’s what Christine Clayfied gives you in her 506 paged book ”from newbie To Millionaire” I personally call that book ”the art and science of making money online” There is no overnight success anywhere, and definitely not at this time of recession. You stand a better chance of making million online than playing the lottery, if you are ready to work hard. Well done!! Christine”



“I’ve been reading this ebook for a couple of days now and I’m very impressed with both the quality and quantity of the information Christine has provided. This is a complete step-by-step blueprint and if this had been around when I first dipped my toes into the world of IM, I’m sure I would be a lot further on than I am now! I also love Christine’s no-nonsense style of writing which makes me feel that I MUST keep reading. I think this book should be the only choice for any newbie who wants to know about IM because every single aspect is covered. If I can’t make it in IM after reading this, well, I might as well just give up”



“Bottom line is this: if you’re sitting on the fence waiting for a ‘good review’ by someone else who’s been around for a while, don’t wait any longer. If you find you can’t get something out of the book, then request a refund – but I don’t think you’ll be doing that. The book is packed full of good old-fashioned basics, and it would very hard to go wrong, in my opinion, especially for ~$15 and a money-back guarantee”

SteveJohnson, Caldwell, Idaho


“May I thank you for writing this book, madam? Comprehensive. Professional. Excellent. A new standard.
Having bought far too many pieces of rubbish here on the Warrior Forum, and elsewhere, and having acquired some gems, too, in the process, I believe this book stands out as perhaps the very best of the lot. It has already been mentioned that the book is an encyclopedia. That it is. Look no further for a comprehensive reference book on the business of Internet marketing. This is the book. Yes, the author has some biases. She is very upfront in her sales presentation concerning these biases, and why she leaves out certain materials she finds useless or counterproductive. Other than that, I find literally nothing missing from her exhaustive treatment of the business. While some WSOs are thrown together in a few hours, this required months of hard work, preceded by years of thoughtful professional experience. The writing is excellent, the organization is suburb, the editing is complete. The result is an excellent book. Might there be a 14 page, simple, magical WSO that changes your business life to a greater degree than this book? Of course. However, I strongly doubt it. Folks, this is a very high level tome. If there is anything you don’t know about IM, this book is very likely to have the correct information. I hope I’ve conveyed how much I think of this wonderful book, but doubt I’ve done it justice”.

Jim Wallace


“WOW! this WSO is definitely THE REAL DEAL and the best I have seen so far! I have seen many hyped up WSO with glowing reviews from “well respected” Warriors but many a times those WSOs turned out to be a major disappointment. With this WSO, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. This is not just any WSO but it is actually an ENCYCLOPEDIA for Internet Marketing! In my opinion anyone who has the intention to start their online business must have this WSO. You will be presented with a VERY VALUABLE 506 pages content packed ebook and 293 minutes videos tutorial covering almost everything there is about IM. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer, this book will definitely be useful for you. Oh yes, and for the price she’s charging now, it is actually way, way, way too cheap! If this is my product, I will be charging you at least $197 and $47 if its a WSO! To be honest, I actually don’t know how or where to start with this review because it’s that GOOD! But suffice to say that this book will blow away most of the “Make Money Online” ebooks that are sold at Clickbank anytime anyday! Seriously, Christine have done a superb job in writing and compiling this very informative step-bystep 506 pages ebook so that any newbies who has the heart to learn can basically become an overnight expert once they complete this ebook. Guaranteed! For someone who has bought so many WSOs and ebooks on the internet, nothing comes close with this WSO. If you think I am hyping, see this WSO for yourself. I am not exaggerating.


So which part of IM are you lacking?
Niche research? – You are covered in detail
Keyword research?- You are covered in detail
Creating your site? – You are covered in detail
SEO? – again you are covered in detail
Content creation? – covered in detail
Monetizing your site – also covered in detail
Traffic? – Yes covered too in detail
Want to make money without website? – covered
Drop shippng? – you are covered
And much much more….
If you are not blown away with the quality of this product then I don’t know what else can impress you. Finally, if you are a newbie and are very serious to make money online, stop searching high and low for the educations. Do yourself a very big favor and get this WSO now and you will thank me later.
In conclusion, this ebook is professionally written. You can basically learn EVERYTHING you need to succeed online with this particular product. And the best part is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or waste countless of hours to achieve that. Get it now, just throw a measly $14 and you will be making the best investment for your online career. Well done Christine! I Highly recommend this WSO for all newbies and veterans alike”.
Qamar, Singapore


“I’d say without doubt this is worth buying, 100%, especially if you’re just starting out and want some genuine good advice. This is one of the best wso’s I’ve bought and I have bought a few. I know my words may not be worth much as I haven’t got a reputation here but honestly if you have the money spare then I would definitely say buy it”.

Alistair, UK


“I must admit that this is one of those rare products that I don’t know how to review it – as it was totally unlike anything I’ve seen before. This really is a one-stop guide for anyone new to Internet Marketing to help to figure all this stuff out. You just take these 500 pages and work your way through them (slowly and methodologically) and you’ll have a total Internet Marketing education. What many new marketers don’t realise is that there really is an awful lot to learn if you want to be able to compete in the Internet Marketing field in any fashion. The learning never stops of course, but if you can follow Christine’s guidance you’ll be well ahead of the curve. There’s only one reason when I could suggest you don’t buy this WSO. And that’s because you may want to acquire the full professional printed manual from Amazon so that you can proudly display it on your shelf. This is too good to just keep as an ebook!”

Thom, UK


“This course is AMAZING! It is packed with great information for Newcomer and seasoned marketers. With 506 pages of USEFUL information, the price seems tiny in comparison to the VALUE provided”.
Keith, UK


“I spent our weekend vacation reading through Christine’s 506 page report! Awesome. I now refer to it more than just a report but more as a reference guide/encyclopedia! It goes through the basics, but also provides great detail and some fantastic tips in niche research, etc. and goes into detail how Christine gets results from her personal business. Everyone will reap benefits from this product. It is really geared towards every level. It reminds me of the huge set of manuals I have from Corey Rudl and his course – way back when — which as I recall I paid a pretty penny for! Look at the value in this report – I’m blown away. Thank you Christine for all the work you put into this. If you’ve been disappointed before in 7 or 10 page WSO that didn’t get into enough detail – you definitely won’t be with this amazing report!”

L.K.Healey, USA


“I have sat (against Christine’s advice) for the last few hours reading on my laptop. I am blown away! Having started my online experience with absolutely nothing, not even a credit card or way of buying a website – I KNOW several of the techniques Christine covers do actually work – but it takes hard work, perseverence and time. The good side is I didn’t have the cash or the credit to “invest” in some of the one click or latest trick crap out there. While I don’t agree with everything Christine has said in her book, these are just minor niggles – there’s nothing there that is actually “bad advice” it will work. She talks through all the back to basics of several methods, without hype, without fake promises and shockingly, with no affiliate links on her recommended resources! The PDF is well laid out, ideal for reference and easy to read. All “jargon” is explained as it is used too. I’ve come away with several ideas on how to make more money with my existing sites and a more confidence to try techniques I don’t currently use. I haven’t watched any of the videos – I’m not really a video person. However, the PDF won’t be one sat gathering dust on my hard drive, it’s a fantastic reference. It may be overwhelming having so much information in one place for a total newbie. That said, if you are looking for sound advice rather than short-cuts and secrets, get this ebook and take things one step at a time. It’s not often I come out of lurk mode and comment on the forum, but I had to say, “Well done Christine and thanks for sharing.””

Seren, UK


“This is by far the best WSO I have ever purchased and it is definitely worth its money. Very well written and solid information. Most of the info included are not new or groundbreaking but they are very well presented and since they cover practically every aspect of IM most people will find at least something that will pay for this ebook multiple times if they take action. Excellent for people new to IM. Useful for more experienced IMers Although I have bought several WSOs, I believe this is my first review and this is simply because it is the first time I can actually and without any doubt recommend one. Good job!”



“I have to agree with other comments regarding this being the best WSO I’ve ever purchased. Christine has more than over delivered with this product. This could serve as an excellent primer for the complete newbie. This weekend, I found myself using it like an encyclopedia as I was searching for “how to’s” for a site that I am working on. I found Christine’s book to be free of unrealistic promises about making money overnight. **Note that I said money in general and not just a lot of money** She’s frank about the fact that this business takes hard work and dedication, but with organization, a good plan and persistence it will start to pay dividends. My review is from a newbie’s perspective as I don’t fully know what I don’t know yet. So that being said, if I could only buy one product to learn this business this would definitely be the one. As Christine has noted here and within the book, there are areas that she acknowledges you may need to seek additional information elsewhere. I would argue that none of these items in particular will bar you from making the most of the information she has laid out. Overall, this is an excellent product if you are looking for a road map to get you started whether you have no cash to get started or a small budget to help move some things along. I was lucky enough to get my copy at the $14.97 rate and I must say that I believe that Christine is drastically under charging for what she’s providing”.

Angiedc, Chicago


“OH MY GOD! This is the best product I have ever read. Christine has covered Internet marketing from A-Z. She leaves no chance of complaint. This is the No.1 course for every newbie. Why? because it is the cure to your main problem. INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Instead of spending $10,000 on next best thing. You should invest your money on this course and start doing real Online Business. Seriously guys, you should not let it go”.



“This is without a doubt the best eBook I have ever read, the whole package is just AMAZING!”

BarryOnline, Scotland


“Wow! Thank you Christine. I am literally 150 pages through and this is exactly what I needed. You give some really good insights and great “Top Tips”. The only regret I have is honestly I just wished I would of came across your book first, so that way I would of saved a lot of money spending it on other materials that were sub-par compared to what you offer. Thank you once again Christine for being VERY Generous while writing this book. This book is a steal at this price and it really makes everything crystal clear with the IM world. It can’t get any better than this”



“Bought this WSO yesterday and can´t believe how much value you´ve put into this. I´ve only managed to read the first 70 pages and watched a few videos but I must say your writing is very good. 506 pages of real good stuff. The pics from page 21 could have been taken by me, as I´m an passionate WSO buyer myself. There are also 100 High Quality Videos. They are nicely layed out and the sound is clear and very understandable (Important for us from outside the UK/US). So, hopefully this will lead me to get my foot into this damn IM Marketing Wonderland. I´ve already unsubscribed from a lot of lists so I can concentrate on this one”

Chris WF


“I have read few sections of Christine’s 500+ ebook and they are loaded with full of useful information. The whole ebook is complemented with over 5 hours of video for a complete affiliate marketing system. Awesome Experience”



“I am not exactly a newbie anymore – but there is always something to learn, no matter how experienced you are. Needless to say, I purchased the book, skimmed through the first 100 odd pages and found lots of gold nuggets. On top of that (being largely self taught and heading for retirement), I found important pieces of information that completed gaps in my knowledge”

Sandy Du Plessis, South Africa


“All I can say is this is an awesome, awesome course. Purchased yesterday”

Roman, Canada


“There is a great deal of information on many subjects that can easily amount to several WSOs. Any beginner who is at sea on how to get started will find this book valuable. I feel that Christine has trully poured a lot of time and dedication in to this book just to make it easier for others starting out in the IM business. Thank you so much”



“Have read half the book and I must say I wish I had this when I started. It is full of all the information you will need to start making money and I will be referring this to some of my friends who want to get started. I’m form Kent too so nice to know people from this area making very decent money maybe I can join those rankings one day”

Komrad87, Kent, UK


“Finally! This is what I have been searching for. I am a complete newbie and I am currently experiencing information overload! I have been searching and researching full time online to figure out how all this works. I am so tired of all the “get rich quick with no work at all crap”! I don’t even want to be a millionaire…well…I may want to rethink that at some point. What I do know is, I want to be in charge of my own income and be independent”



“I bought your book late this morning and finished reading it from cover to cover a short while ago. I was skeptical, at first, particularly as I had never heard of you, before coming across your WSO. I’m not a newbie and much of your book was like revision of facts and methods I’m already well aware of and apply appropriate ones to my business (I, too, have spent $$$$$ on books, video tutorials and IM memberships). However, I found at least three “eye-openers” for me that made buying this book the “find of the year” and a bargain at the price. Thank you very much for a well-presented, no nonsense tome that is jam-packed with facts, figures and tips. Normally, I don’t print out ebooks but this is one that I will be printing out so that I may refer to it, especially on traffic sources and methods as well as the tips on hardcover book publishing. This is of key interest to me because I love writing and have already published two books listed on Amazon. It’s a book that newbies, intermediate and, dare I say, even advanced marketers will find hugely helpful. One word of caution to those who may think that this is a “get rich quick” how to book. It’s not. Whilst there are easy and inexpensive ways of starting your income streams (yes, several), every single method mentioned involves work of some kind on one’s part. There is a method to suit every type of online marketer – from affiliate marketing to product development. But there are clear directions given and there are also video tutorials to supplement the information given in text format. I have taken heed about sitting too long at the PC – something I do because I become too absorbed in my writing to take a break. But have started a new regime, thanks to your warnings. If I had to summarise, I’d say that this is by far the best “how to” book on creating and maintaining a multi-stream income website business that I have come across. To those who may be hesitating, grab a copy while you can, especially at this incredibly good price. Thanks, again. You have one happy customer, here”

James, UK


“There have been a lot of books and reports that have been written about this subject and for what some of them are none of them can come close to this book. It is very concise in the way it is put together and the step by step is easy to follow any body who is either new or have some experience in Internet marketing will get a lot out of this report written by Christine, I would also say that this is 500 pages of pure gold. It should be selling for much more. I am glad I had a chance to review this product as there were things I even learnt. Christine. Great book – It’s wonderful how much work you’ve put into it. Folks, if you’re still looking to get started and stop your wheels from spinning – grab this NOW!”

Paul Barrs, Sunshine Coast, Australia


“Wow, Christine! I am totally impressed with your eBook and training videos. Your eBook is very well done and leaves no stone unturned. It truly may be the Bible of Internet Marketing. I highly recommend it, and for the price you are asking it is a complete steal. You have definitely over-delivered here. Thanks!”



“Christine…. this book is jam-packed. Well organized and professionally written. Do yourself a favor and grab this one. 501 -pages of instruction, not FLUFF”
Mark Marzinzik


“It is rare that I leave a comment on a product. But I have no choice. I must say that this product is great! I financed training only two years ago, which cost me € 2500, it does not make me money. He missed my important key to success. I purchased this book yesterday, and video that go with it, for the price of a meal at the restaurant. And I do not regret it. Because even if not all I read, I’ve already found a missing key in training that costs 165 times more.

Who should not buy this guide:

– People who have already spend a fortune in training and they are left with proceeds of ****! you might be disappointed not to have read this book before!

– People who want to be a millionaire tomorrow, or try a technique to get rich on autopilot. Because this method takes work. (Like all serious method when it comes to making money)
Finally, an important point, if you buy this method step by step and you applied it is possible that you may be the next winner of the Internet. And to paraphrase one of my friend “on success prematurely, we do not will decline any responsibility””


“Purchased and being a newbie with a lot of money spent on BS and enough fluff to stuff a mattress I find this WSO refreshing and to the point. Good job”


“Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this information out into the world. So many people will become increasingly more dependent on it during these difficult economic times. Many thanks!”



“Wow! I don’t easily find myself impressed and I very seldom post to this forum about WSO’s unless it was a review purchase. I have only jumped into the middle of the ebook and read about a half chapter and if that were all of the ebook, just a few pages, I learned well worth the money that I spent; this one is seriously laden with nuts and bolts. Christine my hat is off to you, I like your style and your stuff-your first email was even refreshing. I’m very busy and will usually only have time to read a chapter or so per day, but for this one I will MAKE TIME and I suggest anyone who is on the fence about this purchase to reaffirm your faith in this business and take a leap into the water because there are still a few around who over-deliver content, not hype!”

Oic800, California, USA


“Your post #269 was incredible, just like your book. Thanks for posting that here, so everyone can see the possibilities at their disposal, if they just take action. This post was so good, I have printed it out and put it in the notebook that houses your ebook, as well. Thanks again!”



“WOW! I’ve bought the product, which is totally brilliant, so I came back to leave a review. I honestly wish I had this product when I first started out, (I should state that I don’t know Christine) I would be so much further ahead now, and it would have saved me about a year of confusion, not to mention a fortune on WSO’s! Most WSO’s I have bought (don’t ask how many…) can be read in ten minutes, I would say a good one takes thirty minutes tops, but when I got this I thought “I’ll just have a quick look…” = 2 hours later of ‘skimming’ the surface! Make sure you have a cup of tea and a sandwich to hand before you sit down with this, because it is literally like one of those books you can’t put down, it explains everything from A-Z, with information for more advanced marketers as well as newbies. I have never seen a 501 page WSO before, and I doubt I will again – 20 out of 10! This literally will be the book that will make all the many bits of the IM puzzle finally fit together – do yourself a favour and get it! And Christine – Thank you so much for this amazing product (it really is a proper book). If you are serious about making money online, buy this! It will save you a fortune and a lot of stress, take it from me!”

Richgirl, UK


“Just got a copy and I must say Christine is very generous in sharing everything she knows. 500 pages ebook at such a price is pretty much a very good deal.. and it is COMPLETE. How I wish it is available when I started IM journey early this year, then I do not have to buy so much WSOs here because the information in this ebook is equivalent to the 8 – 10 info ebooks I bought earlier. For newbie, you are lucky…this is the best you can get to help you get a GOOD start”.



“I am very much impressed with your work”


“Geez… I read the 1st 200 or so pages since last night when I got this, and am truly excited about the possibilities. It got late. VERY late… and I couldn’t stop reading. Sure, I’ve had “programs” before, bought WSO’s, ebooks, etc., but they were more theory and not much “how to”. They’d say “setup a landing page”, which is simply WHAT to do. Christine tells you HOW to do it. Quickly, in real English, and easily understandable. If you’ve ever thought “I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong”, grab this and start over. Follow the steps and you’ll succeed. (one of those steps is making the decision to WORK). So many people could have marketed this with a fancy site, hyped it up and put it on Clickbank for $97 or more… with the exit-pop giving you the last 3 copies for $20 off… the right “pitch” could fetch a lot more… but within a few pages you’ll find that Christine is truly a GIVING person and didn’t do this for the money. I’m sure that’s why it’s so damn complete and so stinking good. Thanks Christine…”



“Buy back your life for the price of a cheap meal out! Invest in this and you will LITERALLY have ALL the information you need to set yourself FINANCIALLY FREE and ditch the 9-5 or the job centre. If you have ever ventured into the realms of money making on the internet – then you will no doubt have been scammed or at the very least bought information which was of little or no use or just a tiny piece of the puzzle. The money making Internet space can be a “cash sucking minefield”, if you are not careful, with self-styled “gurus” trying to sell you the latest “push button software”, complete with pictures of cash flying out of computers and women draped over Ferraris! :rolleyes: This product is ABSOLUTELY not one of those – it is quite simply a STUNNING resource – or my IM Bible (Internet Marketing Bible!)- giving both a broad overview and yet a step by step system to achieving financial freedom – complete with videos to boot!!! In “From Newbie To Millionaire”, Christine Clayfield, clearly explains everything from starting off as she says “from newbie” to being a successful online marketer. I was instantly drawn to get this, when I read the author’s back story and saw a picture of the pile of books she had on internet marketing – I couldn’t help but laugh as I too have the very same pile of books! I completely related to the endless late night hours spent trying to learn how this Internet “thing” works – even down to similar health problems that she has endured in this pursuit! I am simply amazed at the level of detail that is in this book – there quite simply is NO OTHER RESOURCE like this about Internet Marketing either on the net or in print – there are gurus who are selling this kind of information (probably to a much lesser standard) for thousands and thousands of pounds. I have many many books and thousands more courses on this subject and I cannot recommend this book HIGHLY enough – if you are reading this review, then you are interested in the subject matter – do yourself and your family a favour and change your life forever by buying it, reading it and TAKING ACTION on it – Success is IN YOU! No one can do it for you – but here you have the step by step plan on HOW to do it! As Nike says – Just do it!! and enjoy the benefits! PS. I am not affiliated with the author in any way – it REALLY IS just an AMAZING product!!”
Foxycox, North Yorkshire, UK


“I have to take the time to tell you how great this is for you to have shared this. Not only for sharing but the approach you chose to share it. Like so many of us I buy information at least every other day and the majority of it is absolute garbage or re-hashed information”


“Why you should buy this book:

1) You plan on working hard in the short term to make massive amounts of money in the long term
2) To learn
3) To apply what you learn
4) To formulate a plan
5) To execute that plan
6) To prepare for success
7) To succeed”

John Tzor, New York


“Dear Christine, I bought your book on Amazon and I’m really thankful I did…I am a real Newbie since I started my quest three weeks ago, this is my first comment on this forum. I searched really intensively this last three week, I submitted to every page I could to learn more about IM, I watched a lots of videos, downloaded 10 or 15 e-books, and I even bought a product from a Guru (I asked for a refund since). As I started reading your book, I realized that I was following your path, I was on my way to 78 books and 420 e-books, I feel really blessed I found your book early in my quest, I know it’s going to save me a lot of time, plus I like the way you write, the book is not dry at all, it’s really engaging…Thank you for your hard work. In one of your last comments you asked all warriors to comment, because that would make you happy and that would encourage you to write other books…well I would certainly be glad to make you happy, and certainly encourage you to write other books, and I would buy them because you have my trust now…It’s so hard to find people that deliver, you are really one of them…Thanks again…”

Gregory Robbinson


“I read the entire 500+ pages and have decided to keep this on my desktop for quick reference while implementing many of the ideas that I learned. I have already launched my first website using WordPress for a product I created early this year. I am now in the process of building a new site with ideas I have taken from your eBook. Many of wordpress plugins you recommend are on my present site and I will be trying a few others with my new build. Essentially you have provided a step-by-step blueprint from start to finish on how to set up multiple streams of income producing websites. The time you have invested in providing this blueprint is apparent, and the price is a worthwhile investment for anyone who is serious about having multiple streams of income”.

Sidenote, USA


“This is the BEST. BOOK. EVER. I have read on Internet marketing. PERIOD. I can’t thank you enough for coming out with such quality in your book. Yes. I have acquired some of the information before, bits and pieces, from sources scattered around the Warrior Forum and elsewhere on the Internet. But for the first time all the dots are connected, thanks to you”

Graham Chong, UK


“I really do believe, Christine, that this is going to prove the catalyst that puts not only me, but many others, on the road to gaining a modicum and for some, I am sure, a lot of Internet success. On a more serious note, having quickly perused the content of your programme all that I can say is … WOW .. and .. WHY ARE YOU GIVING THIS WAY!! The price point is far, far FAR TO LOW… – says he having purchased it at the present unbelievable price. It looks full of relevant content… Full of suggestions of high calibre and then add in the videos.. well.. what can I say.. other than this is one helluva TIP-TOP product. For anyone who is contemplating getting their I.M. business up and running, your product is SECOND TO NONE!!! So, all that I would say to those who are thinking .. should I… should’nt I.. buy this product .. Don’t think any further get in and buy it now .. NO let me rephrase that .. ‘Get In And STEAL It Now!! Christine has worked her socks off (if you’ll excuse the expression) and brought to market a product that is of the highest calibre .. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED so buy it with confidence!”



“For the first time ever, in a totally honest and understated way Christine provides the picture on the box. You now have all the pieces of the puzzle. You can now actually see clearly and exactly what it is you need to do to achieve success. You don’t need to be buying every latest “must have” WSO. Not only that, you can unsubscribe from all of your Guru’s email lists. Save yourself massive chunks of time. You seriously do not need to bother with them. You have a complete and totally comprehensive guide right in front of your nose”



“I sense an honesty and integrity in this person Christine that is very refreshing, quite rare, and extremely pleasing to me. I’ve purchased many WSOs in the time that I’ve been here and nothing has come close to this in quantity or quality. There was no up sell on the download page, and there has not been one single affiliate offer emailed to me from Christine since I bought from her. Thank you Christine for your hard work – you deserve the success that you have had. Since “giving starts the receiving process” – assuredly much more success is headed your way. I also wish good health to come with that wealth as well!”

Fred Ferguson


“I am about a third through the book and thrilled with my purchase! At last, here is a simple, clear, well written guide to the basic and beyond. For the first time I feel like I am getting my questions answered. This really is a proper manual on how to do it, not theory, not opinion, not waffle – just solid facts and techniques. The only fault I have found is most the pictures seem too small and fuzzy to read, which is a bit annoying. Overall I am very impressed with this book and would definitely recommend it to any one getting into, or thinking of getting into, Internet marketing :-)”

Azarna, UK


“An Excellent book! I finally finished all 506 pages (OK, I skimmed through some bits 😉 and got some great insights into the areas of IM where I’m attempting to make my first dollars. Thanks for the clues – and now I’m off to re-read a bit and begin putting those clues to work”



“You have my vote for Internet Marketer of the Year! No, scratch that. You have my vote for IM’er of the Decade! Nope, still not accurate. You have my vote for Internet Marketer of the Century! There we go, finally got it right. From Newbie To Millionaire is the book that sooo many have been searching for and we’ve made the guru’s rich buying into their crap. I WAS on that bandwagon and for too long. I am an experienced web developer, but I’ve always struggled with monetizing my sites and now I, and everybody that has bought this, literally cannot fail. I would like to thank you for providing this valuable resource to the Internet Marketing community. I purchased the eBook on 11/15 and read it word-by-word in two days. There is one “tool” that I don’t have but I am getting ready to buy as I have the trial and it’s awesome. I realize the power of having the right tools in our digital toolbox and your eBook is the pillar of ultimate I.M. knowledge. All of the other resources are necessary and is an expense of running a successful business. I would like to reiterate what IbbyatLytham said in post #390 that From Newbie To Millionaire is all the puzzle pieces and the picture on the box. Failure is not possible! Thanks again for your time, hard work, and dedication to yourself and to Internet Marketers alike. To YOUR Success”

Logan Wenger, China


“Ok, now this is officially my favorite WSO this year. I will have to read this book, probably, 10-15 times to get the most out of it (there is just a lot of information to comprehend). Too bad Christine that you haven’t written this book when I first started out. For the information you’ve provided, i’m really grateful!”



“Your demeanour of being honest about the work needed to be put into this is refreshing. I have to say that just by perusing the contents page and video content list… this book is more like THE ENCYCLOPEDIA of IM !! I cannot believe the amount of details Christine has put into it”



“5/5 Stars for your book. Very comprehensive and resourceful. I am half-way through and there are lots of good stuff that I’ve picked up, and I look forward to implementing it. I had been using the scanner approach for articles content and your sharing reinforce the effectiveness of such approach. I’m a frequent visitor to the local library (must squeeze what we can from the state as well: after paying high taxes in prior years). Your Materials are better than a $800 course I paid for an annual program, is better than a $3k course for a local workshop, and many ebooks courses I purchased. What can I say. This is a handy reference that I will refer to often”



“What a breath of fresh air! I bought Chistine’s book and it had no up-sells and I have not got a single affiliate offer just like she promised and she answered my email within a day personally. I have read about a 3rd of the book and what a breath of fresh air after getting suckered into WSO hell and 50 different lists thinking most giving WSO’s were a cut above the crap all over the Internet. You have to give them credit they write good sales letters that move you to buy even when you know better and can’t afford it. Thanks Christine for a no frills down to earth book on how to do it and not taking advantage of the newbies and filling our inboxes with the crap all the others do. Much respect! And I look forward to finishing the book and watching the videos! I am officially now a part of the Anti-Guru movement”



“I bought your book yesterday and I am going from wooow to wooow. You rock!!!!! Thanks for explaining this so down the earth for newbies, as well as veterans to IM”



“WOW WOW WOW I am an experienced Internet marketer and have made good money so far online with various sites I own. I thought I knew most things there are to know about making money online but this ebook is awesome. Some of the traffic info is incredible you can not get this kind of in depth targeted material anywhere and I mean anywhere. I have only read a few pages of the book so far (a small fraction of the traffic ideas) but this is WSO OF THE YEAR IF PEOPLE HERE TAKE ACTION! Cheers!!!”

Marketing UK, London


“This is a real step by step guide and quality book. I’m happy with it! Still reading it again and again!”


“I have merely started in IM and have bought a few info-products to educate myself. Now I’m pretty sure I don’t need anything else for quite a while. I read the book and got a brain swelling. It takes a while to digest this mountain of information. I can’t even begin to appreciate the real value of this book”

Agneta Nord


“Awesome product Christine!! Thanks so much for putting this book out – it’s priceless content that anyone in IM can benefit from. Awesome organisation of a huge body of knowledge into a work that is very easy to read, understand, and most importantly take meaningful action on. I love your style and no nonsense approach – you’re a breath of fresh air!!”

D.Schumann, USA


“Fantastic product WELL DONE!!! It does exactly what it says on the tin! I have been studying IM for almost 2 years now, it seemed that I got so far then needed more information. However this has everything you need to take action, all in one place! Haven’t been through it all yet, not had time. This is probably worth $197″

Alan, UK


“I have finished my first reading. Best ebook I ever purchased. Lots of golden nuggets. Really worth the investment @ below $20. Your multi streams of income which also include eCommerce really caught my eye”



“Your e-book is excellent. I haven’t gotten to the videos yet, but I really like your approach. I appreciate the way you outline the various paid and unpaid means of getting traffic to a site. Thanks for your good work”



“Great WSO !! NO Fluff many great tips!”

Urim, Osiris


“Your guide is fantastic and well-worth the investment. It has the added appeal of being written by a woman with kids. There are relatively very few female entrepreneurs on the Warrior Forum, or in Internet marketing generally”



“I have purchased your book and I am very glad I did! The content is fabulous and the Affiliate Support, too! I have made more than my money back in the first day I joined your affiliate”



“Thank you, Christine. You are a true professional”

Carolyn, USA


“I bought Christine`s book back in November last year and I have to admit it is the best book to learn and understand the mechanisms of Internet marketing”



“I have just completed reading your wonderful Ebook. I felt compelled to write this testimonial on your behalf. This is a very well thought out and laid out Ebook for any reader from new to more experienced. What I enjoyed the most, is it came from the heart and soul of you and from your trials and tribulations. Which, I can completely understand the feeling of going through! Though, personally many of the methods you have shared did not work for me before, after reading this I feel inspired to give it another try. I really can relate to your family putting up with your long hours online and your injury-as I am dealing with sort of the same! I am anxious to get even more ahead, and will not stop putting in the time until I can walk away from this permanently and have it on full auto-pilot! I just want to say god bless you and yours. Congratulations on persevering through all of the many let downs and pitfalls! This book was amazing, thank you”



“I just purchased your WSO and as I pressed Pay Now in PayPal I said to myself this is the last money I’m going to spend on IM products. I flat out refuse to do anything that even hints at illegal or underhanded or sneeky. So every time I’ve bought a WSO or other product as soon as I get to the part where they say to pay someone to LIKE your page or get you backlinks or whatever then I’m done. Also every product I’ve bought seems to have an OTO or upsell that completes what you thought you were buying complete. What rubbish!
Imagine my surprise when I sent you $20 CAD and was sent directly to the download page ((no OTO, no upsell, no junk!) Thank you for keeping your word. Thank you for restoring a glimmer of faith in human goodness. It could really prove to be the first money I’ve spent on something of value. Honesty in Internet Marketing … what a concept. I thought I was the only one striving for that”

Douglas Halfpenny


“Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment. This is the exact process I would want someone to follow to produce a quality product. I have high respect for people who “do their homework,” as I call it, and who do so with quality as their goal. Thanks, too, for not charging a huge amount. You are sowing a lot of good will and wealth into people’s lives. And what you sow, so shall you reap. What goes around comes around, even in a good way. I’m glad someone else did it and did it so well! There’s no need to expend so much energy to convince people of the quality of your product. Quality will always stand for itself, and yours does and will. I’ll speak for all newbies who won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to dig around and try to piece together what the heck Internet Marketing is all about. Thanks for leaving out so much of the junk that is just unnecessary. People just don’t know how to edit themselves, you know? The more you care about quality, the more it will show in your book or course. It reminds me what writer Thomas Wolfe said to his editor when he asked him to pare down the length of his articles. He told him he didn’t “have time to write shorter.” Thanks for taking the time to do that!”

Happy bidr, Washington


“Just wanted to say I appreciate an honest marketer, of which there are so few of in IM”

Archimedes, Arizona


“Wow Christine! I am LOVING your WSO!! I have already used your guide to help set up my first website (well, my first one I felt confidant about). I am so impressed with the detailed information and the step-by-step instructions. I feel like it may actually work after all these years of reading, reading, and (more) reading… I took action the minute I downloaded it and will hopefully have some great results to share with you and the board shortly. Thanks for such a great product! It is hands down the best WSO I have ever gotten”



“This is one of the best WSO’s I’ve seen on here. So thorough and I can’t wait to get started once I’ve read it all the way through (508 pages whew!). Thanks Christine for being one of the honest and kind marketers on here. I like to take my time, push through all the loud “gurus” and their offers and find people like you! It takes a bit more time and patience but you guys are worth it”

Kelmarz, Detroit


“I can highly recommend this eBook, wish I had it when I was first starting out, for sure. This book is very well-written, very detailed and if I would have had it when I first started out, I would have a lot more money than I do now. You can do one of two things, you can keep buying the trash, all the “secrets”, all the “get-rich” books you have been buying or you can get this book, do a little work and actually make good money, it’s as easy as that! Your choice! I don’t make a penny for saying this, it is just a damn good book that will work, if you will.”

Charles E.White


“All I have to say is that your product is AMAZING!!! I am a TRUE NEWBIE and have never actually put into practice the information I have read only because there was never any true organization of all the mess… I have been waiting for a product like yours to come on the market… something that actually spells out every detail as to WHAT you should do… like an “over my shoulder do as I do” kind of tutorial. Your product is worth SOOOOO much more than what you have charged (and I am definitely not complaining.) I spent more money on a binder, paper, printer ink, highlighters, sticky notes and dividers (just two packs of dividers was $16!!!) To say your product brought value is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Thank you, Christine, for your amazing insight to the world of IM, the step by step tutorial, the videos and your amazing personality. I promise to pay your kindness forward when I am given the opportunity!”

Donna, Maryland, USA


“I’m totally new to IM and I want to say thanks for a great book/product. Finshed reading the book after 3 days and been watching the videos too. It will be a great help to me getting started”



“All I have to say is, WOW, WOW, WOW, this is an incredible book. There is nothing left unturned. You did an amazing job at creating this ebook, talk about VALUE, this is a goldmine with the gold just plain handed to you. I’m reading it and using it as my bible to build my business… Worth way more than $20 bucks I tell you that much…. My bottom lip drop so many times, I think it’s swollen. You can literally take this ebook and nothing else and build a real business no kidding. I have been online for a couple years getting a little success here and there and this ebook is going to take me to the next level. I’m posting this here because I want to help others who are on the fence to make a decision and start succeeding. You can tell the numbers Christine says she earns are not pipe dreams or made up. All you need is Christine’s Internet bible and you’re good to go, I was not paid to say this here, I was in the middle of reading the ebook it’s so FREAKIN’ good that I had to come here and say something. Don’t make this more difficult than it is take action!!!! I’ve found more opportunity since I have been practicing this more than ever before!! Thank you God!! I have paid gurus $1500 up front than $147/month and did not get as much actionable do it yourself now information has this ebook includes, all of I have to say is there are no words to explain how great this ebook is but, WOW, heck *DANGAMY* here you go, I just made up my own word to explain how excellent this ebook is, *DANGAMY*. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine, now, I’m an action taker I will do something with your ebook, watch!!!”



“This book really IS The Bible of IM! As you may know from my previous posts I’m not a beginner but certainly no expert. I’ve been in IM for 2 and a half years but have been lead into dead ends by crappy ‘gurus’. Due to my experience I’ve been able to skip certain parts of the book but newbies rest assured, EVERYTHING is covered if you know NOTHING! There are some aspects that I SHOULD be considered an expert in but I read through again just to gain some fresh perspective”

Gareth Morgan, UK


“Folks, I am just surprised about the amount of information made available in this 501 page ebook. I must say that I read many of the reviews of the book prior to purchase and although I did not read them all, I did not find negative ones. Having said that, I am finding this ebook, by itself, to be just incredible and I have not begun to look at the videos. I will do an updated review later when I have either gone through all of the material or through a greater part of it and reviewed the videos. If you are on the fence and are new to Internet marketing/trying to learn, then let this be your first ebook or instructional guide. You cannot go wrong!!! I believe that it will certainly help you to be far more informed, (internet Marketing literate) even if you decide to purchase other specialized materials elsewhere. This book is certainly a goldmine of wealth and you will not be sorry of your purchase. If you are starting out, make this purchase first. Otherwise, just as I did any so, so many others, you will probably spend lots, (hundreds and perhaps a few thousands), of your hard earned monies purchasing this and that, because it sounds promising, and still not be able to fill in the blanks – get what you need. Thanks Christine for what you have done for the inspiring Internet Marketers or advanced newbies, and oldies”



“I have purchased your book and although I haven’t finished it, I want to absolutely praise you for the work you’ve done to put this book together. I am very new into the IM world but after reading a ton of the material in your book, I am much more fluent in the industry so thank you! I’ve been looking around for books that compile almost everything about IM into one book, and thank God I’ve found your book! Your book is so complete and full of resources; it’s ridiculous that you’re only selling it for such a low price! I am glad that you’ve decided to put this book together, and I’m glad to have found it. Thank you once again! If you have any future books in the publishing or works, please let me and everyone know! I am definitely interested in your material since you’re perhaps the only author I can find common ground with”



“I was up late last night reading it. I have been looking for this for a long time. I appreciate what you are sharing and ALL of your hard work! I will be following you closely as I delve deeper into what you teach. Thank you very Much”

Bill Byrnell, Canada


“It is really best book what I’ve ever read. Thank you Christine. RECOMMENDED”



“I just purchased. I have skimmed through the pages and what a wonderful book. I always wanted a good understanding of Internet Marketing and really got tired of piece mealing it from different sources. It’s refreshing to have it all as a one-stop shop, and from someone who has walked their talk. This is definitely money well spent. The value definitely exceeds the price. What made me take the plunge is that I have always been counter intuitive when making my purchases. I look for those, like above, who sit on the fence and just knit pick everything to be convinced, and what’s comical, they never are. When I see that, I know I’m on to something great. Don’t get me wrong, I still do my homework, but the fence sitters have always caused me to take notice. After my purchase, my hunch has proved correct again. Thanks Again…Christine”

Jerald724, USA


“This is best info that I have bought on IM marketing so far, and I’m highly upset that it took me so long to buy it because it answered MANY of my question on making money online and I haven’t even finished it yet. Overall the Book is amazing and very well put together. A+”

AndreAyton, USA


I want to say, Christine is the real deal. This is indeed a comprehensive, actionable guide. A true “bible” that is an all inclusive road map for your earnings online. Christine has a good heart, and is genuine. Also, focusing only on her income is not the way to look at this. What’s important here is not what Christine has made, but how much YOU can make by implementing this plan. It’s like the old story about a man pointing to something, and instead of beholding what he’s pointing at, you focus on his finger. This is a very valuable tool for you, and I am glad I got it. FYI – if you look at 99% of the crap WSOs that people who are in the business of churning out WSOs release, they’re full of fluff, and are usually no more than 20 pages long. Christine’s comprehensive, information packed guide is …….. 508 pages! That ought to tell you something right there. If you are on this thread, and interested in an A to Z guide where you won’t have to keep buying junk to supplement the stuff you learned that didn’t work, get this WSO. It will return your investment many, many times over”

Daniel LaRusso


“This is a really comprehensive and detailed guide to Internet marketing with real actionable info”



“I bought your online book AND your Amazon book. Thank you for such fabulous, timeless information. Also, thank you for being accessible to the common man, a very rare thing among celebrity gurus! You answer every email and post (HOW do you do that??!!) I am carefully following your book and I’ve built three sites, one of which is doing well and ranking well now”



“I read the whole ebook and it’s really great, all the information you provide is awesome!”

Fabian, Switzerland


“This is a must purchase for anybody new to IM. I was shocked at both the quantity and quality of information. Absolutely well worth the price”


“Thank you for your book, I can’t tell you enough what an inspiration you are to me. I am finally on the right track. My journey has taken 6 years, included a divorce a complete location and life change while being dragged around the net by so called “Gurus”. Fortunately I never gave up and knew that if I just keep learning all the mechanics involved in marketing online that it would one day come together. Well it took your book to do that for me – thank you. You have proved to me without a doubt that I already know all I need to know… However, having your ultimate step-by-step guide is like having you check my every move – It’s great. Within a day of reading your material, I had found a suitable niche, sorted the keywords and set up WordPress. The difference this time around is that your book has given me the confidence to close out all the ‘noise’ and concentrate on my site knowing without a doubt I am on the right path. I am ever grateful that you took the time to write this epic work. Thank You”



I got my hands on a copy and I think this book is the best because it explains things deeply and what I like is that you are anti-automatisation (me too). The 18 parts of tour course are the weapon of anyone serious about making a real business online. You are the most honest Internet Marketer”



“Over the years, I have purchased thousands of dollars in WSO’s and have as of yet to receive anything near the value of this single WSO. Frankly, I could have saved 99.5% of the money I have ever spent on WSO’s with this single purchase. Bottom line, there is so much value in this product I just don’t see how anyone could possibly question the price. Do I have any regrets about this purchase? Only one ~ that I was not smart enough to have been the one to write this book. Kudo’s to Christine Clayfield for being bold enough, brave enough, and smart enough to put the other so called professed online marketers to shame”

Ally Maston


“I bought it, read the 300 first pages, and I already think every newbie should read it”



“This is my honest review and OMG I love this book! I can understand everything she says compared all the other WSO’s I have paid for to learn I.M. To me alone this is a must buy if your new to I.M.!”

Zach Sprague, Dallas, Texas


“Your book is just awesome and describes everything as its best!”

Markus Wolf, Germany


This is a no-brainer purchase for anyone interested in learning about Internet marketing given the absurdly low price for a 506 page pdf. It even has videos covering most of the major topics. I’ve never seen so much value in a WSO for the price. If I could recommend one single product for anyone interested in getting started with making money online, this would be it. Great work Christine!”

Derekd, Los Angeles


“Very comprehensive. Some amazing links to go through that I’ve not seen before. The success formula at the end very good for a newbie. Thanks”

Intraskills, UK


“I have Christine’s book and just bought Christine’s Hi End Publishing product and all I can say is that I have NEVER seen such an in-depth training program or someone that is MORE committed to her students’ success then Christine. If $20 is too expensive for you to learn about IM then get yourself a bus ticket back to Kansas and hit the road. You want to learn from someone that has actually made it in this business and she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. I would really like to meet her someday and pick her brain as she is the wellspring of IM knowledge that your truly want to draw from…get off your lazy IM butts and get her book, and if you want to create a publishing empire buy her new course”



“Let me begin by saying that this is by far the best resource I have ever come across. I have two full, 6′ tall bookshelves full of good material that I have read through the years (admittedly, one of the shelves is full of computer programming, security and certification books – I’m an IT Director, by profession), yet Christine’s book is one of the most all-inclusive, yet easy to read resources I have ever seen. I’m not even a quarter of the way into the book, and have already gleaned a few nuggets that many other sources fail to cover in the depth that she does. I was particularly impressed with her short section on password security – something that most people fail to ever consider. In my several years (only since 2006) of attempting IM, my wife’s machine fell victim to a keylogger, and lost over $10,000 in an account we held. Lesson learned. I was also impressed by the videos I’ve watched thus far – very well done – especially after reading her description of how they were filmed. The long and short (I have to be careful to not get carried away, as I have been told I have a tendency to write in a manner similar to a doctoral thesis paper lol…) is that for $19, this should be a no-brainer for most everyone – experienced, or not… Outstanding work, Christine”

Matrices, Florida


“I purchased this about 9 months ago and it really does offer superb value. If anything, the $19.95 price tag makes you feel like it’s just going to be another cheap and nasty e-book but it’s far from it. Highly recommended for anybody new to making money online. I learnt a hell of a lot from it and would class myself as an intermediate”

Gareth Morgan, UK


“You are an utterly inspiring individual and the best Internet Marketing teacher I have seen in all my time involved in this matter (almost 10 years now). Words cannot express how thankful anyone looking to make money online should be for the labor of love that is From Newbie to Millionaire. Which could be considered a misleading title because there is plenty within for anyone to learn from, new or not. It saddens me to think that someone may pass this guide over and continue to waste their time with anything else. This is why most Internet Marketers fail. They get burned, lose hope and move on regarding the whole thing as illegitimate. If only they could get their hands on this book. I truly admire you and wish there were more like you. Thank you so very much. To anyone out there who is starting out or those that have been around for a while but just can’t break the barriers of real success, stop thinking, stop clicking. Get this book. Read it. Read it some more. Do what it says and come back to thank Christine when you see that I was right”

Digimediaworx, Florida


“This is the best ebook ever on Internet Marketing! Excellent job, Christine”



“I wanted to respond to this out of appreciation and gratitude for such a great product. I am a newbie who had a lot of “holes” in what I was doing, and didn’t understand all the concepts involved. This is BY FAR the best resource I’ve ever had, and like other commenters have bought ebooks for more than twice as much more that are the length of the table of contents ALONE. I will be following all the steps in this ebook on an already established websites I’ve owned for a couple of years (and never went anywhere, because of information overload didn’t know where to start) as well as other ones I’m starting.. again thanks for the ebook Christine, and I’m excited to go through this entire ebook and apply it!



“Your book is really helpful to me as I am a newbie”



“I am currently on page 243 of 513 and I feel like this was well worth the $20 I paid. There’s an insane amount of useful information in this book and I’m loving it. I would say my Internet marketing skills consisted of nothing more than a familiarity with the terminology used in this world, and even that wasn’t too great. Now that I’m about halfway through the book, I feel much more comfortable being a part of this community. Information overload isn’t a problem despite the fact that this book is so big. The layout is very comfortable and everything is explained well. Most people that write these types of books tire out halfway through and start to skimp on details. There’s honestly nothing more aggravating than paying for a book and having the author say “this is a hard subject, so just watch this video” before moving on. Christine doesn’t do this at all and I’m forever grateful for it. I haven’t finished the book, obviously, and I haven’t looked at the video tutorials yet, but knowing they’re available to me is amazing. I plan to start looking for my own niche here soon and following her methodology. This was definitely worth the $20 and is likely to be the book that I’ll look back on say, “that’s the one that kicked me from ‘I don’t know how to do this’ to ‘taking action.’”

Boonqueesha, Texas


“At first glance, this ebook reminds me of MJ Demarco, The Millionaire Fastlane. Like him, this ebook is pack with resources that would give you shortcuts to employ the strategies to implement your online businesses. But like many resources it only show you. It doesn’t guide you. This ebook is different. It not only show you the shortcuts you can use it also guide you with how to. “I like the part where it tells you how to get the content written. Like copyblogger and authority blogger course, she tells you how to write a catchy headlines and the juice on how to get the format how. What she can’t show you is exclusive to your niche as it is only one sided”

Newbietocpa, Singapore


“GREAT Job with this book! It is clearly presented with LOADS of positive ideas”

Marlene, Arizona


“I just can’t say thank you enough Christine! You and your ebook have given me great hope after being scammed by a warrior member trying to sell his sh*tty ebook. I’ve always believed there are still good people in this world and I was right. “Over 500 pages and videos are valuable and serious information for anyone who wants to get into Internet Marketing. Thank you very much!”


“I have to say that this book is brilliant. I have not been able to put this book down since purchasing it, there is so much to learn from! The information provided within is all you would ever need to know to get yourself started in the IM world. If only I could go back all those years ago to when I had started, I would have loved to have had a book like this to set it out to me straight from the start. Christine makes no attempts to sell this to you as a “get rich quick” scheme. On the contrary, she is very honest and tells you what you need to know and that this isn’t an overnight thing. It is hard work. “No Bees No Honey – No Work No Money” as she quotes in the foreword of her book. Not being a complete newbie to Internet marketing, I still had lots to learn from this book, and I’m sure that there is something in there for everyone. For me, From Newbie to Millionaire really helped me to fill in and cement the gaps in my knowledge. It has left me with a positive outlook on the future and with a solid idea of what I want to do and what I want to achieve. The information here is still as relevant today as it was back then. There’s so much to gain from this book, it’s brilliant! Christine, I’d like to thank you immensely for this book and to say that you are an inspiration”



“I bought this book in 2012 and it’s still my go to reference book for all things IM related. It really is IM for Dummies but much better than most Dummies guides! If you read the book and implement the contents, you won’t need other bright shiny objects. For less than $20, you really can’t go wrong!”

Nic Oliver, Kent, UK

8) Email Reviews


“I have just read your ebook, not yet thoroughly however, but what I have read I can assure you it’s the best money I’ve spent in IM. I have only looked into the concept of IM recently and see it as an excellent way of making an income… your book is exactly what I have been looking for and is perfect for anyone looking to make a second living or an income. Thanks for your book.”



“Your commitment and outstanding customer support matches what I expect, and enjoy, from massive companies like Virgin and Orange. I can understand why you’ve been so successful. Thank you”



“I just completed the book that I bought two days back. I have to say I am very disappointed after finishing it. I am disappointed that I did not read this book earlier. Wow you are a perfect example of how determination can win anything in this world. I am a fan of yours. I wish I would have read this book before. My motivation would have been higher… but now you have brought it up for me. I feel that I can do something for my 2-year-old kid. I want to give him the best life and I will do it now”

Manish Varma


“I purchased you WSO from newbie to millionaire, what a great ebook packed with fantastic info. Well done!”



“I have almost finished your book. I have found it amazing! My admiration goes to you, the detail and time it must have taken is inspirational”



“I admire your fighting spirit to get through all the hard work and get things done. Very courageous to me and a role model. Your ebook is engaging to read, very well-written and I love it”



“I’ll seize this opportunity to thank you for your amazing work in your book “From Newbie to Millionaire”. Absolutely stunning. I’ve read a lot of books while trying to start out, but yours was, hands down, the most practical, newbie friendly, and comprehensive one. Congratulations!”


“I have just read the first few pages of your book and I have already learnt something… I have not been sitting correctly. Your diagrams and notes regarding this problem is worth the $47 alone. All the rest is icing (lots of icing) on the cake”

Barry Robinson


“I just wanted to commend you on your openness, honesty, drive and success. I am proud of you the way I would be proud of the brother or other close family member who has experiences success. Hard work, diligence, and commitment DO PAY OFF!”



“Just want to say what an absolutely first class work you have created! Congratulations”



“Thank you for putting together such an awesome book. I have discovered many of the missing links to why I was failing… I can’t thank you enough”
Peter McSains


“Most IM courses are read in expectation, quickly concluded amid Buyers Remourse, and consigned to life sentence on the hard-drive. ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ is a Diamond amid the Fools Gold, rapidly assured of its place as the much-thumbed work of guidance and inspiration close by your keyboard. Christine has written a remarkable One Stop IM classic, a detailed easy-read ‘what works and how’ manual of her journey from zapped-out ‘loser’ to millionaire marketer. Comprehensive, incisive, and as straight as a die, I know of no equivalent. It doesn’t get better than this”



“Just a quick note to say that your book is simply brilliant, thorough and content rich. It really stands out. I intend to order a hard copy so that I can take notes. Well done for under promising and over delivering. To your success”



“I am very grateful for your product and service. So far, it is providing to be of immense value with great content. Looking forward to all that you have to offer”


“I am in the middle of reading Christine’s book. The information it provides is superb. It is a great book. Highly recommend it. The best one ever on IM. Only a fool could not benefit from this excellent publication’



“What an eye-opener your book has been for me! In about 2 years that I have been following IM, I have come across a lot of real rubbish… Following such bad experiences, your book has resurrected hope for me that there are honest people out there in Internet Marketing who neither believe nor promise any miracles, and that truly good educational stuff does not have to cost a fortune. Thank you for having written it. I am just at the beginning of my learning, but have already got a lot more value from the 150 pages of your book that I have read then from any IM programme or software I have bought so far. I enjoy learning from it because it follows the logic of the human mind (well, it definitely appeals to mine!), giving information in an easy to understand step-by-step formula, so is truly suitable for a beginner. I used to think that if only I learned to use some money-generating software or a technique, then I would be able to make money really fast – as the ‘gurus’ promise in their never-ending emails. But you have dispelled my illusions at the very beginning of your book, and thank you for that! As the saying goes – if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I have always suspected that there are no miracles and no free lunches, and these quick money-making schemes only work for those who market them – bringing fortunes into their bank accounts, but not to the people who are buying them. It is good to hear it from a person who has been through all of it. I work hard, and believe in learning and doing everything myself before I hire anyone to do it for me. It is a good beginning to any business – understanding it inside out. So I am with you on all counts. I also believe the honest people like you who bring real value to beginners in IM are the ones who are going to stay in it and prosper long-term. All the others who are promising miracles will gradually die out, since they are only one-night butterflies, some driven by pure greed, and some are just conmen, because they are selling something that they know for sure will not bring any promised fortunes… I wish you all the best in your career. I will definitely be promoting your book and telling others about you, since I believe in what you teach and that you are a genuine person with a lot to give”

Galina St George


“I am SO impressed with your Newbie to Millionaire WSO… I have never had a product that has delivered so much”

Marilyn Johnson, Oregon, USA


“I love your ebook…specific strategies such as getting your own Clickbank book created are very appealing right now. I’ve got other ideas too – all from your book”



“I bought your ebook and just finished reading it! It is great! I just started reading about Internet marketing over the last few weeks and found myself overwhelmed and confused by all of the techniques, acronyms, programs etc. and your guide explained away my confusion. Thank you for creating such a great guide!”

John Chandler


“I am so glad I found your book now! I could see that, in my quest to gain knowledge on IM, I was going to be forever reading, hoping that someone would come up with a well-written book in easy to understand terms and plain English”

Mick Pavey


“Your tutorials on keyword research, particularly the Market Samurai stuff were awesome. I have found some real serious honey holes”

Joseph Delgado


“Thank you for your help Christine. I am getting more impressed with the material as I read on. I can’t believe I’ve spent up to $50 on IM courses online that don’t have even a quarter of the depth that your ebook does! I am a happy customer”



Thank you for your book, I can’t tell you enough what an inspiration you are to me. I am finally on the right track. My journey has taken 6 years … fortunately I never gave up and knew that if I just keep learning all the mechanisms involved in marketing online that it would one day come together. Well it took your book to do that for me – thank you. Within a day of reading your material, I had found a niche, sorted the keywords and set up wordpress. The different this time around is that your book gave me the confidence to close out all the ‘noise’ and concentrate on my site knowing without a doubt that I am on the right path”

Perry Keenan


“This book is exactly what I need. I haven’t finished reading it but with all my heart I am so glad you wrote this and sharing it with us, your readers. So I thank you. I feel like crying in a good way that someone has shared something to help others. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to help you. I’ll pray for your family and I humbly thank you for this awesome book ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’”



“I really appreciate the kindness and hospitality you showed us [yesterday] and was amazed at how much time you were prepared to give us. The session was amazing and has left my head buzzing with ideas. I am really determined to now take some action and hopefully create my own multiple streams of income. Thank you so much”

Pete Smith


“I started reading your book last night. What a lot of great information. I at last feel I have something to count on. Really well written”



“I have read a lot of books about making money online but they are all just vague and not a step-by-step on how to earn online. Then I read your book ‘From Newbie to Millionaire’ and I must say this is by far the best book I have read about Internet marketing! Thank you very very much for all the information you have given! Hopefully I will start creating my own website soon!”

Aster John Ginete


“I pondered a long time before buying your ebook … I read through all the tutorials and after 2 days I’ve decided that I will buy it. All I can say is that it is the best money I have spent in a long time since I ventured out into the IM world. Thanks for the no holds barred approach. Learned a lot and will definitely apply what you teach in the book. It must’ve taken you a long time to write and selling it for that price is an absolute giveaway. Any marketer, newbie or seasoned should invest in this. Thanks a lot”

Johann du Plessis


“Great book, no, AWESOME book”

Soren, Sweden


“Purchased your WSO ebook, and it’s truly a gem. So a great big heartfelt thank you for delivering such a quality product! (especially in a marketplace so full of shameful rubbish!)


5) Testimonials from my self publishing video course as seen on www. You can find some of these reviews on


“Since 2003 I have studied almost every marketing course under the sun, and generated over $11 million by applying this knowledge. And yet I jumped on the opportunity to get Christine Clayfield’s outstanding ‘Self Publishing Secrets’ course, as she has discovered invaluable and unique shortcuts to generating a fortune online. This course is truly exceptional, extremely thorough, and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to improve their life.”
Mark Anastasi , Author of the New York Times bestseller ‘The Laptop Millionaire’

mark anastasi review


Video review: “Over the last few years I’ve created my own set of PDF’s and audio courses to help people solve various problems but what I haven’t done so far is create my first book to sell on Amazon as a kindle product or as an actual paperback. So, to handle that I thought: “well, I buy all these courses and ebooks on how to do it” and I have to say, having spent a fair amount of time and money, I have been very disappointed in the material that is out there. And then I came across Christine. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her twice and speaking to her about her system and, my God! This woman really knows her stuff! I mean I’ve actually seen the pile of books that she as created for Amazon in terms of kindle and physical books and its awesome the niches she has found including micro pigs and peafowls, and she has told me some of the sales figures that she has got for them and I am astonished at how successful she has been. But what is amazing about this woman Christine is that she is like a Rottweiler. She has gone out there and decided she wants to have success on Amazon and she has just gone for it and had this extraordinary success. She has revenue of four figures on many of her books, which is extraordinary!”

Christopher Payne


“I have watched all the videos and am really looking forward to putting together my first book. The program you have put together is everything I thought it would be and more”

Anna L


“I have done Christine’s publishing course. The video tutorials are easy to follow and they really do give you all you need to get started. I took action from the content in her course and now I have a regular income from my books and in the first or second position on Amazon and others for the major keywords. Just scaling it up. Her style is like a breath of fresh, un-hyped and straight to the point. She is the only one who has earned my complete trust” Bob Banfield, UK


“I have been listening to some other courses and reading some of the material that other people have produced about pricing [for example] and I’d worked out the prices I was going to charge for my first kindle books and I listened to Christine and she said: “No that’s not how you do it, this is how you do it!” and it has been a real revelation! So it is no wonder when I look at some other sites, where people are saying “yeah I’ve got my kindle book out and sold 1/2/3 copies a day I thought “oh my god, it’s not worth getting out of bed for that!” and there’s loads of people who tell stories like that… well, not Christine! She’s generating thousands of sales for her titles and I can see how she does it; it’s extraordinary! So if you are interested in either producing your first book to go on Amazon or you’ve already had limited success then Christine is the person to follow. So don’t delay. Get hold of Christine’s course, as I have done, and start working though it. I think this woman has a heart of gold and I trust her. What she’s offering in her course really is terrific, so I wish you all the very best and I hope to see your success stories reported on her website in the not too distant future. Follow Christine. She’s going places. You’re really going to make it with her support!”

Christopher Payne


Video review: “This is the one that we published last Monday and you can see that it has gone to number one within 5 minutes of publishing. Using Christine’s system it was on page one of Amazon in the number one spot and it went to the best seller list and was number one on the best seller list. So, I have to say that I have tried everything. Like Christine I have been in IM for a long time and I pushed and I chased all the shiny buttons all over the Internet trying to find a system that worked. Some of them worked here, some of them worked there but there was always that next little piece of the puzzle that someone was withholding. You’ll never have this with Christine. She is very detail-oriented. It is a roadmap from where you are standing in this minute, it doesn’t matter what you are or where you’re at, if you’re standing in this place in this minute and you want to go where she is, get the roadmap and all you have to do is walk”



Video review: “This is a golden opportunity to make something of your life. This is the opportunity that is going to take you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. How do I know that? Because I know this person. I know Christine Clayfield extremely well, I have seen her bank statements; she is authentic. I have spent thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds trying to get some Internet dream and I’ve just wasted my money because they were either too complicated or the people who were selling were really not interested in me. Christine is very different. She is authentic. What she has done is produce something that is accessible. If you get it wrong you can go back and check over and over again. She is genuine.

Mercedes Leal


“I want to congratulate you! You have created a superb product! I bought lost of different products about self publishing but NONE of them came even close to what you have delivered! I have written a book one year ago and never published it because I didn’t know where to start. I’m so glad I’ve bought your product because now everything is clear to me and I ‘ve published my first book one week ago!!! I didn’t even have to contact you with any questions and I’ve done it all by myself, simply by copying you. I will buy your next product without hesitation and I will tell everybody about you! Thanks so much!”

Pearl Bumshaw


“OMG, your videos are amazing! It is very obvious that you know what you are talking about and you explain everything so clearly. I haven’t watched all the videos yet but I just couldn’t stop myself sending you an email already. I still have to watch a lot of videos but I have learned so much already, that it is already worth every penny! I’ve also bought your break reminder software, it is exactly what I needed as I am, like yourself, guilty of working too many hours on my computer. Look after yourself and keep publishing books, as you are clearly very good at it! I am determined to publish 10 books myself very soon. Can’t thank you enough for answering so many of my questions with your videos”



“I must say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with it all. You certainly have left nothing out. I wish all the programs I bought were as good as yours! I am planning to bring out my second book next month, applying exactly what you show in the videos. My first book was a total disaster and I only ever sold 2 books. I had $923 expenses because I was so stupid to pay a useless company money to publish it. Nothing ever happened and only 2 books were ever sold! I can’t republish the book as they say they own the rights! I’ve learned my lesson. That’s why I am SO HAPPY I bought your videos. I believe I can finally earn some money… Thanks for creating these videos, I believe I can do it all myself now”

John Marshaw


“Having previously bought your book “From newbie to millionaire” and been impressed by the sheer quality of the content in that book, your name appearing on the list of speakers on the KISS2 Seminar was a particular draw for me because I am a self-published author and wished to scale up my publishing business. So it was a no-brainer for me to sign up to hear you speak on a subject close to my heart. I was not disappointed. On the contrary, I was inspired (still am), energised and overwhelmed by the generosity you displayed by sharing so much of your knowledge and expertise with us. I took copious notes and have already (one day after the seminar) drawn up a plan for the publication of my books (work-in-progress) to include your tips and advice for ensuring maximising profit. My next book goes on Amazon before the week is out. Heartfelt and grateful thanks, Christine. PS – I am so impressed that I’ve signed up as an affiliate to promote your products… In all my years in IM I have never purchased such an incredibly in depth and well planned out training course, you give new meaning to the word VALUE”

Madeline Dowden


“Having just finished DVD 2 I felt I had to write to you. At the author bootcamp I told you that, having always gone with mainstream publishers for my books, I was fed up with them and wanted to go down the self-publishing route. I said “I’m putting my trust in you” and you said, “I’m very trustworthy”. What I didn’t tell you was that I’m getting to the end of a two year social media/internet marketing course, which was probably the worst investment I ever made…which is why your course comes as an absolute breath of fresh air. I love the way you teach – it’s natural, unaffected and informative. You understand that you’re making a recording and that the person watching can go back and listen again if necessary and so nothing is repeated. Your attitude comes across as a belief that your student can follow your instructions and be successful. It’s such a change from the stuff I’ve been watching for two years! So I’m really looking forward to putting some of this into practice. And I’m also looking forward to reading your book. I’m really starting to believe that I can make this happen”

Ruth Kidson


“I must say there is a tremendous amount of information here and for the money this is a steal. I like your style, which is very laid back but effective nonetheless. Now armed with all this knowledge I must focus on publishing my first informational book. Thank you again for such a library of info”

Angus Ryan


“After having watched most of your video tutorials, I realise I made some big mistakes in the past. I like your style! You just show everything! For once a sales page that says exactly what you get! Anybody reading this: the sales page goes exactly what it says on the tin!!… I can finally see how I can make some money online… Thanks a million, I will spread the word!”

Geoff M.


“I bought your newbie to millionaire book and I was so damn impressed with it that I told myself to buy whatever you would bring out as I knew it would be good. I just like your style, you are different to the other guru’s! And you are a woman! Makes it even better! Anyway, the reason why I am emailing is to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching all the videos. I have written 35 pages full of notes whilst I watched them and I am totally ready to copy you. I’ve found a niche and I am going to put a job on Elance tomorrow. So my first step will be done. I will follow every single step and I am planning to publish 5 books this year. Fingers crossed! Thanks again!”

Sue Douglas


“Your product about self publishing is simply the best of the best! So so much to learn and to apply… Just wanted to say a big thank you for your superb work. I am going to follow in your footsteps, you are my hero”
Tony Verbiest, Luxemburg


“This is awesome! I have watched all the videos and I must say this is the best self-publishing training on the planet! Seriously! I have tried about 3 other training courses on self publishing but they lack the detail, the depth and practical steps, which are easily applicable in real like situations. Your method is very simple and very affordable, the videos are very interesting, easy to follow, it feels like I am in your office watching over your shoulder. You cover every detail anyone will ever need to success from self publishing, you even gave a detailed step-by-step action plan easy to follow. I can easily combine this method with my 9-5 job. I have followed the steps in the video in the last few weeks and I am pleased to inform you that I am about to publish and launch 2 books worldwide. I am super excited and I want to say a million thanks to you for creating this training”

Las George


“I’ve just purchased this brand new video training program and it’s called “world wide self publishing training”, by Christine Clayfield. She has created over 1 million dollars in sales in just one year – and she’s only been selling online for five years! I was blown away by the incredible value I found here! No matter what stage you are at with your online marketing business, even if you are totally new to it, this video training will be the best place for you to get started writing your own books and selling them to make good money. You get her actual self publishing income generating formula and she leaves nothing out! You get it all from how to find hot niches to write your books about how to format them and get them accepted by online book selling websites. The “World Wide Self Publishing Training” includes a massive video library of need to know self publishing content, that will answer many of the questions you have about how to make good money”

Ian Armstrongs


“I am watching the videos and know you are providing me with your exact system/formula. I am just about to start module 3. Let me thank you so far for all of the fine detail you go into within the modules/videos I have seen/covered so far. It’s really like a breath of fresh air compared to all the other marketers material I have seen to date, in fact, it’s not comparable as it is in a league of its own and I really mean that (I’ve bought loads of rubbish)… I will continue to watch the rest of the training videos and will be applying everything you teach. I feels good to be motivated again, I have even started unsubscribing from the crap emails and false promises I get from day to day … so far so good. Thank you.”

Ian Armstrongs


“A heartfelt THANK YOU for such an excellent product!”

Joseph A.Delgado Sr.


“I really enjoyed all the videos. It fulfilled exactly what it said on the sales page. Very detailed, easy to watch and follow, I fully grasp the concept. Since then, I have published my first book, it is currently selling all over the world. Highly recommend to anyone who either wants to publish their first book or simply earn some extra cash online”


“I’m a hard cynic but this … WOW factor. You have really gone to town with this. A great insight…It is looking really good from my point of view…This has got me back into IM as I had lost interest and had not even looked into the forum. So thanks again, I have not seen anything to this level before…”



“Christine has put together a wonderful set of videos that will take anyone though the complete process of self-publishing a book worldwide. Even if you’ve never done it before, she gives you all the tools to find a niche, write the book or outsource it and then goes through the entire process of publishing that book step by step. The videos are produced in real time i.e. Christine takes you through every stage with a text on screen and her commentary describes every detail. This approach is really helpful as you get a realistic idea of what each stage will take. Her no-nonsense approach and eye for detail makes this a really useable set of videos, which I will be going back to as a reference as I put this process into practice. As a publisher myself, many of the areas were familiar to me but Christine has done so much research and tested so many things out that even people with previous experience will find new areas to explore. In this time of information being so readily available on the Internet, the material in these videos is so valuable because here in one place is all the information gathered together to make your own self-published book possible. All the angles are covered from hardcopy books through the many ebooks including audio books and how to research everything needed to publish them all over the world. Even more important is that she shows the process that will get your book to the top of Amazon and Google and keep it there! More than that, there are examples on the videos of Christine’s own books sitting at the top of and and also there on google. Very convincing proof and as long as you can follow the method step by step there is no reason why your book won’t get to the same position. She makes no bones about it – you still have to put the time in and do some hard work but seeing onscreen how that is done is really exciting to watch. A really useful reference book for many of the subjects covered in the videos is Christine’s own book From Newbie to Millionaire, which gives a huge amount of information about how to get traffic to your product site and find affiliates etc. It’s very refreshing to watch videos where someone is so honest and prepared to divulge what they really do instead of so many courses that are highly edited and leave out the really important stuff! I wish all success to Christine and given what she knows about marketing that success to pretty much guaranteed!”

Paul Lennon


“Just in case if your wondering why I added you as a connection, I saw you speak at the authors bootcamp. I thought you were the best there and a true inspiration. For me personally, I saw myself reflected in you and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the hope you’ve given me”


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